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Humane society
The humane society is a nonprofit organization, which is a corporation or an association that conducts business for the benefit of the general public without shareholders and without a profit motive. The humane society is also a 501c, a nonprofit American tax-exempt organization. It was founded in 1954 by Fred Myers (1904-1963), its first name was the National Humane Society, later named The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Their first mission was to decrease suffering of livestock during slaughter. The Humane Slaughter Act passed in 1958, this would change the lives of millions of animals around America. The Humane Society began investigating animal experimentation around the 1950s to gather evidence on animal neglect or suffering. Myers said,” every humane society should be actively concerned about the treatment accorded to such a vast number of animals.” In 1961 HSUS investigated dog dealers in the U.S. to gain support for a law to be passed that would prevent cruelty to animals in laboratories. The investigation lasted 5 years, then in February 1966 life magazine published an essay about dog dealers and thousands of Americans wrote to their congressional representatives and demanded action to protect animals and stop pet theft. Later that year the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 was passed, the second major federal humane law passed since world war II. Other goals they had during this time were: reduce homeless dogs and cats, reform inhumane euthanasia practices, redact abuses by pet stores and pet breeding trades, and help wildlife and marine life. The head of the humane society organization are the board of directors, which has about 15 members who are all volunteers. Then there is the executive board that consists of the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, building committee chair, and capital campaign committee chair. Next the executive administrator and director of shelter operations. Below the executive administer is the office assistant who works part time. Under the director of shelter operations is the assistant shelter supervisor who works full time, then the animal care attendant that works part time, and then the volunteer shelter workers who are unpaid. The Humane Society sells various animal related accessories such a tee-shirts, coffee mugs, necklaces, ect. They will take stray dogs and cats and spay or neuter them then put them up for adoption. Services for the public include registering pets, vaccinating animals, sheltering pets, general animals care, control services, rescues, wildlife...

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