The Humanization Of A 'monster' Essay

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The first moment within Frankenstein where the narration shifted was when Victor allowed the monster to tell him the story about all of his experiences up to that point. He starts by telling Victor about his realization that all humans shared a mutual hatred and fear of him just based off of his appearance. He also told of how he learned the english language by stalking cottagers and how he found Victor’s documents stating that he hated the monster. The monster swore revenge on all mankind, especially Victor, and admitted to Victor that he murdered his younger brother then framed a friend of Victor’s for it. He ended his tale, hoping that now Victor felt some sympathy for him, by asking Victor to create him a female companion so they could run off and live in peace. After the monster’s tale, the formerly uninformed reader was now able to see what the monster was like in actuality and feel pity for him, this idea was greatly opposed when the reader only had Victor’s viewpoint to base their judgements on.
Once the monster finished speaking to Victor in the cave, the mood of the reader took on a huge change. Before, the monster that was only seen as a hideous abomination, was now receiving sympathy. On the other hand, Victor had turned into a monster in the eye’s of the reader. Victor was seen as being cruel and unaccepting of his own creation which only wanted to be accepted by society, this victimized the monster and allowed for this change of emotion (Griffith). With the humanization of the monster, Victor came off as a bully along with the rest of the population that cast him aside. This gave a good insight on how demeaning the human race can be to one another as well as how judgemental they are.
Near the beginning of the tale, the monster tells of his observations of the cottagers living by his hovel saying, “I had been accustomed, during the night, to steal a part of their store for my own consumption, but when I found out that in doing this I inflicted pain on the cottagers, I abstained and satisfied myself with berries, nuts and roots which I gathered from the neighbouring wood” (Shelley 111). At this point the monster had never made contact with the cottagers, he did not know if they would accept him or not, but he was moved by the kindness they showed each other when they underwent self sacrifice to help care for one another. He felt guilty when he found out the cottagers situation, and after that point he stopped stealing but he also began helping with things like gathering wood, still in the cover of nightfall though. This portrays the genuineness of the monster very well, especially since he showed the cottagers this kindness without even knowing if they would treat him with the same kindness in return. He wanted to give people ample chances to accept him and get past his physical appearance, but even the mentally toughest would eventually crack under his circumstances which gives some justification to his actions and allows him to...

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