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This book is about two sisters, one named Olivia and the other Kwan. Olivia lived with her family (lived in San Francisco) and never knew about Kwan her half-sister which her father left behind in China (Changmian) until her father died (of kidney failure even thought he had four of them ~ which (I know I shouldn't) find amusing) when she was only four years old. Olivia's mom promised to bring Kwan to live with them in America which happened two years later. Kwan was now 18 and Olivia was six and her mother was marrying again. Being the stereotypical white woman Olivia's mom is (at the airport), she imagined Kwan to be a small, skinny, shy, and quiet girl. Instead she turns out to a vital and very loud coming up to greet them saying "haloo." Kwan and Olivia developed a bond as her mom is too busy with marriage and divorce and is now back to dating again. They shared a room and Kawn would ask her too many questions. Soon students from Olivia's school would tease her for having a Chinese sister that knew nothing and she hated Kwan for it. However, Kwan didn't mind and still was nice to her sister, she would tell her stories about her past life in China and about her Yin eyes, which give her the ability to see the dead (it also got her committed in a mental institution for shock therapy).Tan makes it credible by the broken English Kwan spoke to her sister (couldn't get even her name right, she calls her Libby-ah), even after 30 years, which is where the rest of the book takes place. By now Olivia (a photographer) is married to her soon to be ex-husband Simon.The plot revolves around the yin eyes that Kwan has. Kwan, Olivia, and her husband go on a business trip to Kwan's homeland. Olivia finally reconciles her relationship with Kwan and learns that all...

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