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In this book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, both Gale and Peeta are a big part of Katniss’s life, but does not coexist well together in her thoughts. These two boys that grew up in the Seam of district 12 each have their own differences, but as the book draws to an end, they push their cons aside and ends up having many similarities to helping out Katniss to survive in the game. In addition, Gale and Peeta did have a signify for Katniss Everdeen, the girl who was on fire.
Gale is tall, good looking, and has grey eyes whose name was in the glass ball for the reaping forty two times to get the food source his family needs. Even though it’s not enough to feed the five members, he’s ...view middle of the document...

Peeta had a crush on her since his father pointed her out when she was five. Though he didn't have any courage to talk to her, they did connect one time before the reaping. After they won the game in a long time for their district, it was a hard experience for them. Gale couldn't even possibly imagine more hazardous things in the woods than this annual event. For anyone of the twenty four tributes, it was dangerous that their survival meant certain death. Fortunately, Peeta survived the horrible injury and got a “new” leg from the cut.
To go further into Katniss’s opinion to these boys, they do have some similarities. One obvious thing before they met was their siblings. Gale has two brothers, one sister, and a mom; Peeta also has two brothers, a mom, and a dad; and for Katniss who only has Prim and her mother, but does have a cat, Buttercup and a goat, Lady.The next following similarity is taught from Katniss to both Gale and Peeta, gathering plants. Katniss taught Gale how, to, and be sure what plants can be edible in the meadows. For Peeta, it was learned in the game when Katniss needed to hunt for meat while he searched for edible herbals. However there is still one more thing they both have in common, but is with instinct; to protect, secure, and companionship for Katniss. Through the meadows, to the...

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