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‘The Hunger Games is a sci-fi, dystopia novel, which is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The novel is written by the award-winning author, Suzanne Collins and ‘The Hunger Games’ is the first instalment in the epic series of three novels. This novel is written for the wealth of young adults who would like to read a fast- paced novel with action and adventure.
‘The Hunger Games’ follows the life of Katniss Everdeen, a teenager who lives in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem. The Capitol, a technologically advanced metropolis, demand political power over the nation and do whatever is necessary to keep the rest of the population under their control. Annually, a reaping ceremony is held to ...view middle of the document...

In many of the poorer districts, starvation is common and the quality of food is poor as well. Low quality food leads to negative impacts on health and may lead to sickness, disease or even death. In many of the poorer districts, the quality of living is low and many people live in inadequately maintained and damaged houses. For example, although the tributes for The Hunger Games are chosen at random, children belonging to richer families can afford training for The Hunger Games and therefore pose a greater threat to other tributes, when they volunteer. To them, participating in The Hunger Games is an honour, but to poorer children, without combat training or survival skills, The Hunger Games is more of a death sentence.

The second theme, positivity and resilience, appears frequently throughout the novel in many instances. For example, Katniss and her family display positivity in everyday life. Despite knowing that their life is hard and laborious, they still choose to think positively. Also, throughout The Hunger Games itself, Katniss radiates a strong sense of positivity and resilience as she does not give up when she is plotted against trained killers, Career Tributes. In comparison, to the career tributes and the trained participants, Katniss is a mere game hunter. She came to The Hunger Games with little combat training. Although Katniss was proficient in the art of the bow and arrow, it was her positivity and resilience helped her through The Hunger Games.

The third and final theme, defiance, is...

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