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‘Collins shows through the self-sacrifice of some characters that even in a world of brutality, humanity can prevail.’ Discuss.
The novel “THE HUNGER GAMES” written by Suzanne Collins illustrates that despite living in a dystopian society where cruelty is evident; the characters are still capable of showing selflessness and compassion. Katniss, Thresh and Peeta demonstrate humane actions throughout the novel, each of these characters showed courage despite knowing the cruel consequences that could occur.
Self-sacrifice is evident in the novel when Katniss volunteers as a tribute to enter The Hunger Games taking Prim’s position. “District 12 hasn’t had a volunteer in decades and the protocol has become rusty.” This quote in the novel illustrates that it is very rare for someone to volunteer himself or herself to battle in the arena. There is a four percent chance of being the last one standing in the arena; your life is at risk if you are a tribute. Katniss put her own life at risk and sacrificed herself to save her twelve-year-old sister.
Mercy is demonstrated when Thresh spared Katniss’ life. Katniss and Thresh both had their individual deep connections with twelve-year-old rue. Thresh says to...

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