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The tributes lined up on the field in front of the food pyramid, all skinny as a twig. Thresh looks at Katniss already to go and he gets anxious. Peeta looks over at Katniss and mouths, “I’m starving” Katniss says, “Duh we haven't eaten in over 2 weeks.” Peeta looks up at the timer and realizes there is twenty seconds until the games begin. The announcer, Mayor Mc. Cheese, plays over head and reads out the rules, “You twelve tributes must go through different sections and levels of the Food Pyramid until you get to the top. When one tribute reaches the top of the Pyramid they will win the all in one food group meal,the Big Mac. On the way up you must eat and eat food from different parts ...view middle of the document...

Glimmer climbs onto a sesame seed bun and spits sesame seeds at the others. Five seeds went into Marvel’s eyes causing him to fall down. He slowly gets back up and gets ahead of Glimmer who is underneath the bread now. Thresh comes up to the bread and listens to Glimmer who is bemoaning under it. He lifts up the bread and pulls Glimmer out of it. He eats the bread whole and throws Glimmer to the other side of the room. She is now in the lead and runs as fast as she can out the door. She climbs up the stairs and makes it to the vegetable level. She knows that the others are close behind but she slows down when she reaches the door. Marvel is now right behind her and he pushes her down the stairs. She shrieks in pain but slowly rises to her feet. When she’s half way up Thresh comes and carries her to the top. She looks at him with an odd expression on her face and then scurries into the room.
The others are close behind Thresh and Glimmer,some already dead. Marvel is eating his way through the course with Glimmer and Thresh close behind. Thresh falls to the ground,tripped by a carrot. Glimmer notices and runs faster. Marvel is now in a tree of broccoli eating the branches. He stupidly eats a part of the branch he is on and falls,breaking his neck. Then, “Ba-da-da-da-da I’m lovin it!” plays above, the symbol right after. Another tribute down. Thresh is now back on his feet heading for the next door, Glimmer up ahead.
Now the agile Katniss has made it through the first level and is at the door of the vegetable level. She looks behind her and sees Peeta. She rushes through the door and swings across a grape vine. Peeta is right behind her and gets ahold of her vine. He ties the vine around her neck and pulls tight,She hangs there lifeless.Then again, “Ba-da-da-da-da I’m lovin it!” Peeta continues to swing across the grape vines until he ends up hitting his pate on a grape. He falls down,but quickly returns to his feet again.Glimmer and Thresh are now both at the door of the next level. Glimmer doesn't open the door so Thresh steps in front of her and opens it,allowing her to pass in front. She passes by him and scans the course ahead of her. Fruit. In this level the tributes must make it to the other side,to the door, without bruising or crushing any fruit. Glimmer is very gentle and she has confidence that she can make it pass this course very easily. She also believes that Thresh will end here and finally leave her alone! She thinks of Thresh as a knave. He does everything for her even when she doesn't ask. The good thing about having Thresh around is that he is very nimble. He is always thinking of the better ways to do things.
Peeta is now at the door of the fruit level but before any tribute continues they all must watch the anthem on the ceiling. The tributes that are gone are: Katniss,Marvel,Foxface,Haymitch,and Gale. Peeta grins when Katniss’ face appears on the ceiling. Then his stomach rumbles.The anthem ends and Peeta hops on top of a...

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