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The Hunt Essay

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It’s a brisk November morning like any other day ,but today isn’t any other day, today is the first day of firearm deer season. Shots are going off all around me like world war three declared on deer. I’m wrapped in every hunting garment we own but winters cold embrace always finds its way in. My cheeks are rosy red and my breath was thick in the air. The only sound is the leaves crunching beneath my feet and the sudden beats of my heart pounding out of my chest with excitement of the sound of my shotgun still ringing my ears. I’m walking face to the ground like a hound on a trail and then my eyes caught it, my very first whitetail. I’ll never forget my first deer and sharing it with my family. Hunting is a passed down tradition for my family and friends. Through out the world millions of people participate in the spoils and adventure of the hunt. Hunting has been a pastime since the beginning of man. Even though it was more if you don’t kill you don’t eat type of situation. Hunting is one of those things either you like or you don’t like. Its hard to explain the joys of hunting because its something one must experience themselves. Hunting does have laws and regulations you have to abide by. Are hunting regulations benefiting the hunter or the animal? My paper will discuss some of the regulations and laws, types of game, disadvantages of regulations, the pros of regulations, poachers, and ways to preserve wildlife and there habitat.
To hunt in the state of Illinois one must obtain a green card from the hunters

safety course. Then they need to buy a hunting license for whatever county they hunt in. When firearm hunting by yourself you also need a Foid card. Firearms owner identification card. You also need tags for the animal your going to harvest or just know the bag limit of said animal. When hunting on property you yourself don’t own you need to have permission from the land owner. Do not leave gates open or mess with livestock. Leave everything as it was or how the farmer tells you to leave it. When you are hunting deer with a firearm or your just in the woods during firearm season you must wear blaze orange . Deer hunters can only harvest two bucks a year and as many does they want as long as they have tags. If the buck has antlers three inches or less you can stick a doe tag on it ( In some rare occasions does can have antlers and if harvested you must put a buck tag on the deer if its antlers are bigger than three inches. Albino deer cannot be shot, but pinball deer can. In Illinois you can use a pistol, muzzleloader, shotgun, bow or crossbow to take down a whitetail. All of them have certain calibers and weight that are legal to shoot a deer with. A pistol needs to be at least a 38 caliber. A shotgun cant be smaller than a 20 gauge and use a slug. An archer must be pulling a...

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