The Hypersexualization Of Young Women And The Role Models Of The Wave Of Feminism

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Free will and the ability to choose for ourselves are some of the most important natures that make us human. As a society though, we have put limits and restraints on some people for arbitrary reasons, and try to override people’s free will, especially young women. In today’s society, young women are subjected to all kinds of prejudice and double standards. From having to face the ‘slut or prude’ paradox of sex, the rules of dressing and appearance, or how to act in public, the amount of scrutiny that they face is outrageous. These issues that they face creates a social dialogue that is constantly analyzing young women and how they act, enough that it slowly worked to become social knowledge that almost every women follows consciously and subconsciously, and then they force on others. This is social knowledge that states that women’s main goal is to please men, and that their worth is established by how they look. They must wear the right amount of make-up, dress skimpy but also conservatively, and basically become little toy dolls that are created into what a guy wants them too.
This discourse of the womanly image also causes boys to believe that women are around for their amusement and usage, and can further produce and enforce the hyper sexuality and control of women’s identities. Furthermore, Modern media influences every aspect of American life, and has been a complete catalyst of this knowledge, with the image of hyper sexuality being shown anywhere and everywhere you look. Women are shown as sex objects in magazines, music, television shows, and most movies have borderline pornographic scenes in them. This could reinforce the social knowledge already constructed, but at a faster rate and to anywhere in the world. It can also help reinforce it in younger ages, and thus speed up the process all together.
However, despite this onslaught of one way viewing of femininity, young women have started to fight back. Straight, young women in the United States have adopted a new wave of feminism, and have forced it into mainstream view where any race and any class can adopt it. This variation of the feminist movement involves “fighting fire with fire,” and they have done this by adopting the hyper sexualization of their bodies, and reversing it onto the male figure through the over sexualization of the male body. Women have also taken a major virtue of feminism, which is the right of choice. Instead of shaming others for being celibate or for being sexually active, they accept each other and push to inspire others instead of forcing them into being submissive members of the knowledge. Although, the real question is what has caused this new wave to appear so quickly, and in a way that everyone almost has the exact views and behaviors? Again, if we look towards media and its ability to make social knowledge spread like wildfire. Actresses, Musicians, and Pop Culture Icons have also adopted this behavior and started a new social knowledge fire, and...

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