The Hysteria Of Japanese Descent Essay

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The Korematsu Vs. U.S. Court case was held and decided during World War 2 between the time after the attack on pearl harbor, the decision that take place at that time were exaggerated and wrong during this time the american people were lead to believe that people of japanese ancestry were a threat to the security of the west coast do to wartime hysteria and false accusations of Espionage.

When WW2 begin there was a massive fear of an invasion of the west coast do to the fact that many civilians and aliens were of Japanese descent. These residents were either second or third generations who has almost lost all ties to their Japanese ancestry. The mass speculations were gathered from ...view middle of the document...

This encampment lead to many court cases discussing whether or not this was constitutional and people challenging the Order. This led to the Hirabayashi v. United States court case. This case challenge the rule stating that it denies their right to do process and a jury of their peers however the court ruled against Hirabayashi saying that the united states can interpret the constitution in a different way in the time of war and that the attack on pearl harbor had infact set apart the japanese people from the rest of since it was their relationship with their race that held the most danger . This ruling was then later challenge in Korematsu v. United States where Korematsu challenge the Hirabayashi v. United States ruling stating that they denied their right of do process and that it was unconstitutional to deny anyone right based on assumption and identity of race. The u.s courts counter he’s claim by stating that this was not a act of racism or prejudice toward their race but an exclusion order for the safety and the security in the west coast. This counter claim they had made...

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