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"The Icredible Adam Spark" By Alan Bisset. Essay On Exploring How The Author Conveys A Range Of Emotions.

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"The Incredible Adam Spark" by Alan Bisset is a thought-provoking and interesting novel that challenges the reader to stop tip-toeing around people with disabilities and problems. A boy in his late teens who 'Suffers from downsyndrome' would be completely wrong, Adam Spark certainly has a love for life that he tries to spread to everyone, despite the fact he fails most of the time. The story takes Adam on a journey from being totally independent to exactly the opposite and on the way takes the reader through a rollercoaster of emotions, all directed to the main character. I intend to explore how Bisset manages to evoke the huge range of emotions through the use of characterisation and relationships.Bisset quickly establishes the kind nature and intentions in the characterisation of his character. At a local Gala day, it's left to Adam to save the day and he tries to with great pride."That wean the wean save him. I have the power!"The instinct to save someone in trouble is a tribute that, no matter who has it, is admirable and would make anyone proud. We can infer from the actions we've been shown that Adam is a character who wants to do right and help people, even if it means getting himself into trouble along the way. The kindness and care that is shown in Adam creates a fondness from the reader, also due to the naivety displayed. I find myself slowly getting drawn into the book at this point, solely on the main character alone.Another key event is when Adam is asked to steal a rangers shirt from a shop. The local gang, the H-Glen Aminalz, know that Adam is easily swayed and convince him that he deserves to have the shirt, without having to pay."That sortay seems like stealin to me xcept its alright for the blairgovernment? Intrsports got the rangers top and ive no? Doesnt seem right."It's clear that Adam is very much aware that what he intends to do is wrong, he's just trying to convince himself it's right. Though it's not right for people to take advantage of his naivety, it's not right for Adam to do what he does. This is the first incident where a negative emotion has been created towards Adam and without thinking, many people might find themselves disliking Adam. The incident alone would not be enough to create a hate towards Adam and so the reader may be tempted to feel sympathy towards his longing for acceptance and naiveté, I did myself. I feel this is the first of the challenges Bisset presents to his reader, can they dislike someone despite the person having a disability? At this point I don't think the 'bad act' is bad enough.The next key event is when Adam finds a new friend, one who doesn't try to turn him into a criminal. Bonnie is the new girl at the fast food restaurant where Adam works and the two quickly find lots of things in common. Bonnie brings a whole new mood to the story, brightening up Adam's world."Sometimes life's so byootiful amazin incredible like this moment."Hearing such things from such a child like and...

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