The Idea Of Community Healthcare Essay

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With the advent of modern medicine, all aspects of medical care have changed. Health care providers have improved cleaning methods and limitation of transfer of bacteria. As a result of improvements in testing and reporting, Public health organizations and providers have improved their knowledge and attempt to educate the community to new information, with the hope of, improving effects of negative impact to the environment.
Further breakdown on efforts to bring public awareness is the cohesive workings of both
public and community health. By focusing on specialized areas with the need to improve, both are able to advance development and implantation of new practices. While public health involves national level health issues, and seeks to protect all citizens by providing free services, community level health organizations includes health providers interested in its surrounding community with a focus on community health. They maintain an ongoing interest in general health, including quality of food and water issues.
Another aspect of health assessment with an impact on public health is personal health assessment which indicates individual behavior. Genetics, personal nutrition choices, and personal habits, such as smoking, drinking, etc., are documented and used in community tracking efforts. Personal traits, determined by behavior, not controlled by others, such as; eating and exercise habits are included in personal health tracking.

Since public health assessments have been documented, many benefits to the community have been accomplished. By targeting communities in diverse areas, we can pinpoint issues to be focused on in that area. For example, exposure to violence is more prevalent in lower socio economic areas. Gun control, buy back programs, education on how to properly use guns for protection, etc., can occur, and while not perfect solutions to the problem, some lowering injury numbers or death by gun related issues.
It is important to include those who represent the area being targeted for possible solutions; Religious leaders, community business owners, in some cases legislators but, most importantly, community citizens. Studies show involvement by the community increases control of violence and are effective in lowering gangs in neighborhoods. Gangs in lower socio economic communities, account for most of the violence. Youth violence, “due to injury and personal trauma, is the second leading cause of death amount youths 10 to 24 (Edberg, 2007). Most injuries and death were caused by firearms.
Assessments, while positively impacting education and solutions to community youth violence, also has limitations. As policy and constantly changing systems occur, a “snapshot” is used ("Ojjdp strategic planning," 2014). Without long term consistency, getting a real time vision is difficult, which care result in communities thinking improvements take to long to implement. Also, without careful inclusion of a broad section of those...

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