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"The Idea Of Good In Teachings Of Different Philosophical Schools" (Based On The Internet Sources)

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Every human being on the earth sooner or later faces one of the most important philosophical notions, which could be formulated as the concept of good that could be defined in order to be true and applicable in any situation that arises. From the first glance definition of such a concept could seem evident, because people often think that judging whether something is good or bad is so natural that a question of how to make such a judgment seems unnecessary, but in reality it often appears so that there are hundreds and thousands of situations the result of which either could not be judged as good or bad at all or could be considered from different points of view. After saying this, it is possible to go even further, thus, to say that any event could be evaluated as bad or good, relying exclusively on the code of ethics of the person who is going to make such an evaluation.Thus, what is good then? To illustrate, consider an example. Imagine any war that has ever happened on earth. Ask yourself, is the war good or bad? Well, you would probably say that it is bad. Then I would say to you that in reality the answer of such an evident (as it could seem) question depends on your character, style of thinking, culture and other individual characteristics that influence your opinion.The war is bad because it is concerned with numerous victims and one can say that it is meaningless, thus, has no positive results, it does not create anything except ruins. Nevertheless, the war is good because it could be the only mean to restore justice, to grant freedom to some class of citizens, it could bring numerous material advantages, even in relative consideration of human deaths. Indeed, somebody could say that wars are natural; they come out of human character, they constitute mass struggle for existence. To support the fact that the war is good is easy because in reality there are people (sometimes could be constituted by whole nations!) who think that war is good. So then is war good or bad?Another important example deals with judgment of whether something is good or bad from the consequences it has. Should we consider an event good if it has positive consequences? The first problem here is that any event always has positive and negative consequences. So then, is it possible to judge whether positive ones outweigh negative? Not always. The second one deals with impossibility to see all the consequences, thus, when making a judgment on whether something is good or bad how to make sure that you did not overlooked some important consequence that could happen few years later? The last one, but not the least, leads to a paradox, because how can you judge whether something is good or bad by consequences if definition of these consequences involves definition of good/bad concept. Thus, if you say that some person is kind (or some action is good), how do you know this? Probably, from the actions of this person you have observed. Then do you know what are the inner...

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