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The Ideal Desert Island Song Essay

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Music is the most sensitive language. It is the best to communicate different idea in the shortest form. At times it does not need to seek help from words even. Music has its own language. Most of the people believe that every single individual is born with the quality to understand the most romantic language that is of music. Surprisingly it needs no training as we can see that even infant can enjoy the music. Who makes them learn about rhythm and beats; perhaps this is one of the things that create its own understanding within no time. However the taste may vary from one person to another person and from one situation to another situation. Whatever be the criteria I believe that the “ain’t no reason” by Brett Dennen is the one song that can be termed as the ideal desert song. This is the song that I would love to listen to this song. What makes a song all time better song? I believe that music and poetry has no age, it is the reason that we like Shakespeare even after so many years. We still listen to some old tunes. In the same way “ain’t no reason” by Brett Dennen is one of the songs that should be the ideal desert song, even if I am marooned on a desert island with only the technology that still allows me to listen to music.
If I have to evaluate this song I would like to share my views that why I like this song so much. There are several reasons of my liking one of them is the motivational approach of this song. I believe that this is the song that can provide the listener with the potential and communicate a greater message. Inspiration is the key of this song. Right from the 1st stanza this poem griped the listener and clinched with this song till the end. “There ain't no reason things are this way It's how they always been and they intend to stay I can't explain why we live this way, we do it every day.”(1-4) (BRETT DENNEN LYRICS, 2007)this stanza showed asked the people to think about their life. If everything has a reason to be happened and nothing can happen without any logical reason then what is the reason of our life and why we are living this life. Throughout the song Brett Dennen conveyed the message that life has a meaning and it is our duty to find that meaning. The worth or the value of our life is hinged on the meanings and reason of our living. Brett Dennen further wanted to show that human beings are not flawless, we commit several mistakes on a daily basis and some time we even do not realize that we are doing something wrong. Brett Dennen is chiefly asking the causes of such wrongdoings. (Edens, 01-Jun-2006 )
Later he discussed that we all want to have excellent means and for this we want to do whatever we can do. If we talk about women or the girls they might need more and more jewellery such as necklace bangles and so on. Perhaps the idea of joy and happiness is related to jewellery; on the other hand if we talk about the males they have their different options. They always want to get higher positions in their...

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