The Ideal President Essay

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I feel the ideal candidate for President should have strong military knowledge and at least some military experience. I believe he or she should be fair, strong and posses compassion. I support missile defense systems and homeland defense forces incase of an intrusion, but I believe there should be more training, the kind of training that the military have never encountered before. The president elect must be able to delegate power to train and equip troops properly and put them under proper rotations. Keeping the American people free and safe is of great importance. In my opinion, war should always be the last option, but I understand that sometimes there is no choice.
The president elect must be able to deal with problems this country inherited under President Bush. There are still many issues in the United States that President Bush hasn?t given any attention to. The new president must be able to show the judgment to lead in times of crisis. He should be able to talk, negotiate and compromise whenever a conflict arises.
The American economy is weak and the president elect must turn the economy around. Health insurance, affordable housing, and affordable education should be a priority. He should provide us with more jobs and less layoff?s or pay cuts. I believe too many corporations are heading over sees and are still making their money from the Country they left. Too many U.S. Citizens cant find or hold a job because of many companies who take advantage of illegal labor. ...

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