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The Ideal School: The Inclusion Of Sports

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The ideal school would include facilities such as sports and a high level of education along with a positive working environment. Sports help keep a person physically and mentally fit and build a good immune system, which leads to good health. Education is also an important factor in schools as it is essential if one wants to achieve success. It can help one step out of poverty. Furthermore, things such as technology can only be invented if a person is educated. A good working environment helps one to concentrate on his/her work and develops a positive attitude towards school and education.Sports are an important factor and should not be neglected. Sports help keep a person physically and mentally fit. They tone up muscles and strengthen bones. They help keep the body in excellent shape and make the body supple. Sports teach one to accept defeats gracefully and assist him/her in developing the skill for handling disappointments. Sports generate a healthy spirit of competition and build self-esteem and confidence.Some people say that sports don't help people in any ways but rather interfere with education. They take one away from educational things such as books and don't benefit a person if he/she wants to become something like a dentist or a doctor. However, that doesn't seem to be true. There is a saying that 'health is wealth' and sports do make you healthy. They strengthen the immune system and build appetite. They help you get rid of tension. If you have a lot of work pressure on you, and you go and play a sport such as football, it will help you get rid of your frustrations because you would kick around a football with a lot more force and that would make you feel better.Sports are widely accepted as professions as well. They are also used by nations as a way to bring countries closer together in relations. For example: India and Pakistan have opened doors to play cricket against one another, hoping to change the public opinion and make them friendlier to each other. Furthermore, for the politicians to start thinking differently and resolving their personal conflicts and thereby making the world a better place to live.Education in schools is necessary if one wants to achieve success. The one who receives education is usually praised and even admired by members of the community. Education helps one to come out of poverty. If one is not...

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