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The Identification And Analysis Of Information System In The Business Enterprise At Each Management Level, The Suitability Of Information System For The Chosen Firm, The Security Of The Information System And Suitability Of Cloud Computing.

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Course: BABS Semester 02

Module: Information Systems & Technologies


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In this modern time, it is impossible to run a business without any information system. Whether the business is small or large, information system is very much needed for the survival of the business. This report will deal with the identification and analysis of information system in the business enterprise at each management level, the suitability of information system for the chosen firm, the security of the information system and suitability of cloud computing.

What is an Information System?

According to Kenneth C. Lauden, "an information system is a set of interrelated components that collect, process, store and distribute information to support decision making, coordination and control in an organisation.

(Lauden, K C. pg 7)

Why Information systems are used?

For big firms like British Gas, British Telecom (BT) and British Electrical Company (BEC), it is very difficult to calculate manually the bills of customers every month or quarter. So they need an information system to do automatic calculations. This saves time and money. Information systems are not only useful for big companies but they also play a vital role for smaller companies.



We have already discussed that information system is very much necessary for the survival of business. There are several levels of management, which are enlisted below:

Senior level/ Top level/ Administrative level

Middle level/ Executory

Low level/ Supervisory/ Operative/ First-line managers

The diagram on the next page shows the above levels of managers.



The purpose of this report is to select a business enterprise like transportation, education, finance, health and many others. The business enterprise selected by me is Virgin Media. Virgin media is the first company in the UK that offers TV, broadband, phone and Mobile. Virgin media offers TV, broadband, phone and mobile phones services throughout the UK.



As discussed before, Virgin Media provides services to people like phone, broadband TV and mobile phone. This is the business of the company.

One of the business is to be identified is when one person buys the deal of contract mobile phone from Virgin Media. The over-all process is illustrated in the diagram shown on next page.


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