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In a time where the social stratus were highly differentiated and there was not silver lining between the lower, middle and high class. At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, most Russian plays were addressed to the middle class while maintaining the lower class apart and excluded from being depicted on stage. Maxim Gorky’s The Lower Depths is known to be one of the first plays to addressed how difficult and struggling is life to those born on the lower class. The ideals placed on Maxim’s play got a big impact into the Russian society of that time. They took Gorky’s work as a guide to eliminated this divisions between classes and create a communist society. The impact created by Maxim Gorky’s play not only influenced the Russian society but other authors across the globe who took this idea as a way to fight against the social classes. Maxim’s play influence is reflected into the Russian revolution and the play’s roots were taken by other author such as Eugene O’Neil in the writing of his play The Hairy Ape, which reflects similar ideals and characters by Maxim’s play.
Gorky was known as the leading Russian artist in relationship with the social revolution on 1917. His political point of view was build based on the situation that his society was facing at that period of time. Maxim Gorky depicted the Russian system at that time and clearly stated that he was willing to go to revolution in order to change the way of thinking of his country. A good example of his perspective was showed on a letter he wrote to Axel Gallen about that government. Gorky said:
“Their one ideal is to guzzle, their pleasure to dominate over people, and they are obsessed with a morbid passion to torture, blood, cruelty. If they are men, which you and I may well doubt, they are sick men, sadist, madmen, who should treated medically, or should be destroyed”(Kaun, 437).
Maxim Gorky is referring to how the high statutes of the government did not care about the lower class and they were treated as less than human beings. Gorky is well aware of the situation and uses his literature to provide an ideology in order to change this social order.
During the winter of 1901 Gorky wrote his play the Lower Depths and a year later this play was presented at the Moscow Theater showing a different perspective to the audience about lower class. He presented a window of how they lived and the things they have to go thru because they were not born on the middle or high class of society. Gorky’s success was tremendous among the spectators. As Ivan Buning stated on his book Maxim Gorky “After the first performance of Gorky’s play The Lower Depths, the spectators rose in a body, went wild, and gave Gorky nineteen curtain calls” (101)
After his successes on The Lower Depths, Maxim Gorky’s popularity growth faster among many Russian philosophers, the ideals of revolution and to the shift in the social order begun to flourish. “The Russian intellectuals were very...

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