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The Ideology Of Doublethink Essay

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To begin with, the Party utilizes the concept of doublethink to remove individual thoughts which in turn results in dehumanization. Doublethink is the mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs one may hold. This allows citizens to avoid thoughtcrime or in other words to preserve intellectuality. The Party uses doublethink to manipulate the thoughts of citizens in order to obtain control easily. The party’s slogans use the concept of doublethink to control the way citizens think. They use “WAR IS PEACE[,] FREEDOM IS SLAVERY [, and] IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH” (18 Orwell). In reality, war is seen as a terrible, violent and disastrous thing; changing its meaning confuses the population ...view middle of the document...

Winston suggests that only yesterday] the ration was [...] reduced to twenty grammes per week. [He wonders how was it possible for Syme and Parsons to believe this] after only twenty-four hours?" (Orwell 61). The mental suppression is so strong in Oceania that citizens, do not bother to question Big Brother; a god like figure to Oceanians. By changing true facts into false, the Party is changing reality, beliefs and thoughts of citizens; therefore, removing the ability of have original thoughts and have rebellious thoughts towards the Party. By portraying the illusion that the Party is flawless, it causes citizens like Syme and Parsons, to avoid opposition and suspicions, as they feel that the government is always working for their benefit. This trust that the Party has built between the citizens and them, make it easier for them to control citizens. Thus, by creating this illusion, it changes reality or facts and causes citizens to have thoughts which have been manipulated; therefore, the citizens are becoming inhumane as the restriction of intellectuality occurs. Furthermore, the manipulation from Doublethink suppresses one’s...

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