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The Ignorance Of Man. It's A Persuasive Essay. My Teacher Gave Me A 5, (Which Is A 90% On Her Scale). Comment Was "Excellent Work! Very Articulate With Strong Opinions!"

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The Ignorance of Man I would like to start off by saying that the opinions stated here are my opinions and not meant to harm anyone in anyway. It has come to the attention of many people that our world is growing beyond the control of the government; that music has lost all but a shred of decency; that clothes and television are becoming more and more revealing, and while we may be the same race, culture, or gender, we can be so cruel and appalling to our own people . Our world is going to shambles and many are allowing it. There are crimes, murders, homicides, rapes, and any other form of offense committed every second of the day, right under our noses. Just a few months ago, there was a disagreement outside of a bar, and soon enough there was a full-fledged fight, complete with guns and a steel pipe. There were more than 10 witnesses watching in amusement, not doing anything to break up the fight or even attempt to call someone for help. When police tried to break the two gentlemen apart, they turned from hitting each other to hitting the police man. They successfully beat him unconscious and left the scene without ever being caught or charged. The witnesses simply left because the blood bath was over, never looking over their shoulders to see the battered officer. The policeman was finally found by a kind soul who called 911, and was rushed to the emergency room in critical condition. What kind of a world is this turning into when even the police cannot stop a brawl? There was a case where a woman, married with two kids, was walking home alone one night. Stressed and tired from work, she leaned against a brick wall to catch her breath. In a matter of seconds, two men grabbed her and raped her. Just in case you were wondering why she was walking in the dark; her car was in the shop, and she was supposed to get it out the following day. She was not wearing a provocative blouse or skirt, in fact, what she was wearing was very conservative. She went to court and tried to convict these men, but the jury claimed that she should have never leaned against the wall to catch her breath, and that the men were attracted by her looks. How can we be so blind, so ignorant? It was quite obvious that even if she did not lean against the wall the men would have still came after her, because she happened to be the only female walking past there. How can a woman help if she is attractive or not? Is the jury implying that if she were ugly this would have never happened to her? I think not. Rapists are angry men, searching for a weaker, and more submissive creature to heap their wrath on. They can be married, single, your friend, your neighbor, your husband, or a complete stranger. I would hope the jury would re-evaluate the case and try to compensate this woman for the emotional and physical damage she suffered. Music is a form of poetry with melodious tunes and instruments. It used to be beautiful, and expression of countless emotions and feelings....

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