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The news had piqued my interest. The world had accused China as an apathetic nation. The event had even sparked “stop apathy” campaign online. To most of us, it seems bizarre that none of the people present responded. Some speculated that the lack of response was related to the fear of bearing the responsibility. When interviewed, the monger said the reason they didn’t help the girl was because they assumed they would be held responsible and blamed for the girl’s misfortune. Some claimed that city people indifference in nature. But it seemed that this is not an exceptional event. For example, nobody could forget about the tragedy that befallen Kitty Genovese, who was brutally murdered ...view middle of the document...

Now the question is; will the real participant help by summoning the experimenter or will he or she simply sit and do nothing?

The study shows that in the non by-stander group most people (85%) helped. But when the number of by-standers increased, the likelihood of individual to help decrease by whooping 54% to 31%. People often think that the lack of helping behaviour is caused by apathy or general indifference towards the victim. But Darley and Latane’s (1968) study shows that non-helpers are generally more upset than helpers.A person who faces an emergency is in conflict; this is particularly true when it is a dangerous situation such as the misfortune of Wang Yue. People in general have rational and irrational fears about what might happen when they would intervene – maybe they will get hurt as well (Milgram & Hollander, 1964). On the other hand, when faced such situation as Wang Yue’s hit and run, most of us have innate humanitarian urges that make us want to help the victim. But what could weaken our tendency to help and be a good humanitarian? There are 4 likely factors :

We do not notice an emergency
We do not interpret it as emergency
We do not feel responsible
In Wang Yue’s case, a lot of people had noticed the accidents and it was obviously a dire situation. So why does people still negating their responsibility as a Good Samaritan and refusing to help the toddler even though they knew something was definitely wrong?? However, the best theory to explain this perhaps because they might not have felt the responsibility to do so. We can explain this reluctance to help Wang Yue by considering diffusion of responsibility. The responsibility is exclusively yours to shoulder when alone, but when there are more people we tend to feel that we literally share the responsibility and therefore diminish it. A lot of people present on the scene assume that Wang Yue will be helped by others and thus reliving her/him of the responsibility to help, since Aronson &...

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