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Math 1431 Exam 2 Review 1. Find the following limits (if they exist): a. = >− x
x x 5
4sinlim 0
e. =⎟⎟⎠⎞⎜⎜⎝⎛ ⎟⎠⎞⎜⎝⎛ −>− xxx 12lim0 b. =−+ >− x
x x
24lim 0
f. x
xx x 2
cossin2lim 0>−
= c. =⎟⎠⎞⎜⎝⎛ −+
>− x x
1 1
lim 0
g. )9tan(
5lim 0 x
x x >−
= d. =
− −+
−>− 9 6lim 2
3 x xx
x h.
x x
x 6 )sin(lim
0>− = 2. Determine if the following are continuous. If the function is not continuous, state the type of discontinuity.
a. ⎪ ⎩
⎪ ⎨

> = <+
= 1 18 11
)( 3
xx x xx
xf b.
⎪ ⎩
⎪ ⎨

> = <
= 2 28 22
)( 3
xx x xx
xf c.
⎪ ⎨ ⎧
−>− −= −<−
= 25
27 25
)( 2 xx
x xx
xf d. 2 1( )
2 1
⎧ < − ⎪= ⎨ ⎪ + ≥ −⎩
x if x f x
x if x
3. Let 1 3( )
+ ≠⎧ ⎪= ⎨ ⎪ =⎩
x if x f x
k if x
For what value of k would f(x) be continuous at x=3?

4. Find A and B so that f (x) is continuous: ⎪ ⎩
⎪ ⎨

−>+ −= −<−
= 13
1 116
xBx xA xx
xf 5. Given
⎩ ⎨ ⎧
≤− >
= 33 32
)( 2 xx xx
xf , find )3('f if it exists. 6. Find the derivative of the following: a. ( )4123)( −= xxf b. )2(sec3 xy = c. x
xxf 53)( += d. x
xf 1)( = e. 2 2)( x xxxf += f. 342 )1()2()( −+= xxxxf g.
2 )1)(1()(
+ +−=
x xxxf h. )5( 3 xxxy += i. x xxf
cos1 cos1)(
− += j. )164(sin)( 24 +−= xxxf k.
cot x
xy = l. θθθ tansec)( −=f 7. Find dx dy using implicit differentiation.
a. 73422 =+−+ yxyx b. 02cossin =−− yx c. 133 =+− yxyx d. 16=− yxxy e. 10=xy f. 12sin =yx g. 53/23/2 =+ yx

h. xyyx 4)cos( =+ 8. Use the definition of derivative to find the derivative of the following: a. 23)( 2 +−= xxxf b. 2( ) 5
f x x
= +
c. ( ) 1f x x= + 9. Find ⎟ ⎠ ⎞⎜
⎝ ⎛ −+− 102 4 3 34
xxx dx d
10. Find dx dy at 2−=x for 3)1)(14( xxy −+= 11. Find the second derivative at the point (-­‐2,1) for 322 =− yx 12. Use interval notation to give the solution set to: a. 0)43)(12(...

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1122 words - 5 pages The role of women in the Iliad is a subject that remains open to debate. The Iliad is set during and tells the events of the Trojan War. For the war men belonged to the battlefield as warriors. Women on the other hand were not involved in the activities of war in anyway. While men were bravely at war, women were to stay home for years without seeing their loved ones. Homer portrayed female characters having no substance and were nothing more

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1122 words - 4 pages In the Iliad there are many characters that could be considered heroic. But the two main characters that stand out as heroes to me are swift-footed Achilles and flashing-helmet Hector. Numerous times throughout the epic they display qualities and traits that are unsurpassed by anyone on their side. Many times throughout the epic Achilles and Hector are tested for their strength, and will to win in battle, which for both warriors always ends up

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719 words - 3 pages According to Homer, fate is the supreme ruler in the lives of humanity. No matter how talented or determined you may be, in the end it is fate, which directs the happenings in a person's life. Throughout his books the Iliad and the Odyssey, Homer emphasizes the effect of fate on the lives of mankind. Homer especially illustrates this view of fate's control in the character of Hektor in the Iliad. Hektor was a religious man, faithful to

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651 words - 3 pages Grief in The Iliad There are many lessons that can be learned from reading Homer's The Iliad. One of which is understanding the stages of grief. One can literally watch Achilles go through all five stages when he morns the death of his comrade Patroclus. Achilles moves through Denial and Isolation, Depression, Anger, Bargaining and Acceptance in the short time after his close friends death. "Sheltered under his curving, beaked ships he

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1922 words - 8 pages While reading the Iliad, there were several instances, I noticed, in which Homer, the author, chose to word certain ideas and events in a very specific way. Throughout the poem, my belief that this way of storytelling was not just coincidental only grew stronger. Homer was trying to tell us something. War is not something to be glorified and should not be approved of by anyone. As I mentioned earlier, there are many verses that prove this poem

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1340 words - 6 pages , and story teller. Homer has always made stories feel so real, and one of homers best stories “The Iliad” has always been always been told because of it love aspect, its fighting as well as the involvement of the gods. As with all great stories there must always be some sort of love between characters so the character would take some risk to protect the beloved. In “The Iliad” there is much love in the air that hector is willing to kill

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