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The Iliad By Homer Essay

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The IliadGood examples of the Homeric arming scene are those with Paris, Agamemnon, Patrklos, and Achilles. These scenes involved detailed accounts of each individual soldier suiting up for battle. Of the four extended descriptions that occur in the Iliad, the first, of Paris, is ten lines long; Agamemnon takes thirty-two lines to equip himself, Patroklos fifteen, and Achilleus twenty-three.First Paris is described fastening his "fair" greaves linked with silver. Homer using the word fair to describe his graves coincides with the personality and physical appearance of Paris as a person. `Next he put on a corselet around his chest, the one belonging to his brother Lykaon: it fitted him too'. ...view middle of the document...

Beautiful is the word to describe kings and all of their belongings. This word makes the king perfect in everyway. When Homer arrives at the chest of the king he spends much more time describing the corselet of Agamemnon. Homer goes on to say that the corselet was given to the king by Kinyras, a guest of his, before the king left for war. Homer didn't bother to spend any time on the details of Paris' corselet but he spends five extremely detailed lines to describe the beauty of the king's armour. He sword had golden nails and glittered like a king sword should. Even the strap that held the sword was golden. His sword and his chest armour had serpents upon them which represented power and the ability to strike with speed. This image also was placed on his armour to put fear in his enemies since the serpent was a fear creature. His helmet had two horns like a raging bull to place fear in those who are in his way when he is charging into battle. Next he took up his spear. Homer treated Agamemnon like a king in this description. He spent much more time on Agamemnon than any of the other three warriors. Patroklos is describing placing on his once again "beautiful" greaves. Homer may refer to Patroklos's greaves as beautiful because he is the warrior of the beautiful king. Homer goes on to describe his corselet as starry and elaborate. Starry fits Patrklos perfectly because he was a starry eyed warrior. He fought non stop believing that he was Achilleus and it was in the stars for him to die due to this illusion. He had sword like the other warriors and his shield was huge and heavy because it was Achilleus' shield who was a greater warrior. His helmet had the amount of description as the other warrior's. Patroklos didn't take the spear of...

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