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The Ill Effect Of The Use Of Cell Phones

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Mobile phones (as well as wireless home phones) send and receive voice and text messages via radio waves. These waves – a form of electromagnetic radiation – connect your phone to a wireless network of fixed antennas called base stations. If you move out of range from one base station, the network will automatically connect you to a nearer one with a stronger signal.
The radiation given out by mobile phones is in the microwave range. It is very low level, but some experts believe long-term exposure could be damaging.
'Your phone is continually 'checking in' with its nearest base station to ensure a good connection – it's what we call a 'handshake',' explains Glynn Hughes, a former ...view middle of the document...

ADVANTAGES of Cellphones:
Emergency: in case of emergencies, cellphones are very handy. If you are stuck with a puncture tyre in the middle of nowhere, you can call for help.
If someone gets really sick or hurt and there is no means of getting them to the hospital, cellphones can be used to call an ambulance.

If you are in meeting and an urgent and an urgent message has to be sent without disturbing anyone, texting from your cellphone is very help full.

In functions or occasions, the cell phones feature of taking pictures or videos shooting Is very handy to capture memories.
Internet access are now available right at your finger tips. Need to find the times of trains or buses, how much money has been received in your bank account browsing your favourite websites are all very handy on the cellhphone as you can use it on the go.

Use of cell phone impacts many people. Both users and by-standers. It is quite a measure of distraction while conversing with someone on the cell phone as the other person is listening to the one side of the conversation.
Person listening in one sided conversation, pay varying amounts of attention. Cell phone
Conversations are regarded as a source of distraction causing negative consequences in work place environment or public places.
During meetings people forget to switch their cellphones off than causing a way of distraction when starting to ring.
So the truth of matter is there are a lot of problems and the alarm bells are ringing but people choose to ignore the real damages it does to them through the use of cellphones.

The side effects of using a cell phone:
There are side effects of using a cell phones. Using cell phones day in and day out causes
• Blurry visions
• Head aces
• Fatigue
• Neck pain
• Memory loss
• Brain cancer
• Birth defects
• Alzeimers
• Heart conditions

“ in 2011 international agency of research on cancer classified mobile phone radiation as group B. that means that there could be some risks. The health organization added “ to date no adverse health effects have been established the one of cell phone”

People are now dependent on their cellphones. They are emotionally attached and some even feel anxiety if it is left behind or forgotten. They feel they cannot live without it and it has now become on essential part of their lives.
It is used during driving which distracts them from the road it is also a danger to other road users. Even pedestrians are a cause for concern when they are on the road and on their cell phones. They have impaired visual attention while crossing the road.

Cell Phones and Science:
Cell phones emit radio frequency energy. It is a form of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) it is a wave like energy that is emitted and absorbed by human beings.
EMR can be classified in two ways:
Ionizing this is really power full of the two.
Non ionizing the less powerful and lower frequency. A very good example of non- ionizing would be...

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