The Image Of Womanhood In Ancient History And Today

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I walked into a local shop here in Denver, Paris on the platz, ad was astounded by the ea of brunette girls, all looking the same. The modern goth movement is still prevalent on the west coast of the united states. Earlier I had been in Hollywood and saw a similar phenomena. Hollywood was in the 1980s was filled with blondes, it became stereotypical. The a change came over the scene, this new darker image took over to match the dyed hair color, dark mysterious, femme fatalistic.

Many very educated and spiritually evolved women that I know, veterans of the war of equality that occurred in the states in the 1900s seem to have taken on a new persona, a new image. Instead of the Sophia image that Jung prophesied of it has become an interesting archetype unto it's own. The process of individualization, the process of self empowerment, we have empowered ourselves to the point that we have forgotten to be compassionate, nurturing and merciful. The graces of the goddess have been replaced with the protectiveness of ancient images on the masculine gods.

Now we have women that are seemingly better than their male counterparts at being male. Was that the original purpose of the equality of right between the genders? We want women to have the same opportunities as men; to not be forced into a life of kitchen duties and childrearing against their will, to have the right to make up their own mind as to who they would vote for or against, to choose how they would benefit our society as per their own intuition and prerogative. This is a fairly new venture, one that has occurred in the last hundred years in the United States.

Often it seems that we are recreate the rules, the image of womanhood is being changed into something that is not as it has always been. There has been roles of very strong women in our past, not women that acted as strong as men, but since the imposition of the people of the book, the patriarchal religion that replace what was in the ancient near east during the reign of the dynasty of Babylon. We still see strong women in Babylon, but the records that we have from the time until recently referred to them, in mixed company I might add, as whores. Why would Ishtar, the first monotheistic counterpart to the monotheistic god Marduk, be refereed to as the whore of Babylon, why would the early Christian scholars think that she would she would bring the apocalypse? Indeed, if we are to chase about the ideal of Sophia that Jung speaks of would it not be preferential to identify the source images that are in our collective unconscious that lead us own the road of self illumination?

After the hierarchy of Christianity has replaced the image of any goddesses, she was turned into a demon, demonized by changing her name to Astaroth1. A vile demon the bellows smoke and pungent odor. Other goddess from the land of Sumer, and for that matter most of the ancient world, wet through this process of demonetization but they are less...

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