The Immediate Implementation Of The K 12 Program And Its Negative Effects To Philippine Basic Education: Why The Philippines Is Not Yet Ready For

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Another factor was the dismal scores of Filipino students in national and international achievement tests, especially by the Trends in International Mathematical and Science Study (TIMSS), which is an international assessment of the math and science knowledge of fourth and eight grade students around the world (TIMSS official website). Another reason given by the president, is that high school graduates of the past education system are younger than 18 years old and lack basic competencies and maturity. They cannot legally enter into contracts and are not emotionally mature for entrepreneurship and employment. (Republic Act no. 10533, The Philippine Congress).
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As a result, K to 12 has redesigned the curriculum, not to discard the perennial problems of the education sector, but instead, address the demands of the international market. Graduates of the K to 12 are expected to sustain the remittance industry with a steady supply of semi-skilled workers exported to other countries. Because graduates of the K-12 are armed with only the sufficient skills for cheap labor, workers may be subjected to lower, cheaper and inhumane wages. Workers sometimes have to deal with poor working conditions and poor labor practices which endanger both their health and physical wellbeing. For example, in China, for the past 30 years, the abundant supply of cheap labor has been driving the country’s economic boom, according to the World Bank Group which is a group dedicated to eliminating extreme poverty within a generation and boost shared prosperity. But the overall level of knowledge and skills of China’s labor force is relatively low. Only China’s 140 million employees of urban enterprises can be classified as ‘skilled’, according to the Ministry of Human Resource and Social Security in China. If this situation is to happen to the Philippines, it may boost the economy of the country but result with an increase in workers that do not have the sufficient labor knowledge and skills .
According to an article by the World Bank Organization, vocational institutes and schools in China face certain challenges, training standards and curriculum are often out of date; teachers often lack practical skills themselves; it training for students; some schools are under-resourced, especially in rural areas and poorer provinces; there are few clear “minimum standards” for vocational is hard to systematically engage employers and link them to the education system so as to provide workplace schools in terms of equipment, teachers and so on; planning to meet labor market needs is insufficient.
There are still countless of problems that the Philippine education, especially public education institutions, is currently facing. Based on 2008 data from the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), out of 100 Grade One pupils, only 66 finish Grade Six. Only 58 of the 66 go on to enroll in first-year high school and only 43 finish high school. Of the 43 who finished high school, only 23 enroll in college and only 14 of the 23 graduate from college. This means that out of 100 students, only 14 graduates. Adding two more years will only worsen the problem as families who were having a hard time sending their children to school before the implementation of the program, will have an even harder time, now that two more years are added to the basic education. The fact that public basic education is free does not mean it will not entail additional costs to families. Additional years in basic education will require more budget allocation because the government does not provide student needs such as allowance, uniforms and school supplies...

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