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The Immoral Proposal For The Change Of Drug Laws

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In the United States the use of illegal drugs is prohibited. If one uses or possesses any type of an illegal substance it is considered a criminal offense. One must know that 15 million Americans use drugs each month (Husak 7). There are various points of view that disagree and agree with this law. An advanced society must realize that the idea of any attempt to allow illegal drugs to be legalized, in any way in society, cannot be morally permissible; a sound minded person cannot allow more addiction in a drug infested country.
For our purpose an advanced society is a large number of persons that are morally knowledgeable of human wellbeing. A drug, for our purpose, is described as any substance other than food which by its chemical nature affects the structure or function of the living organism. The idea of changing illegal substance laws started with drug legalization, which stretches back to the early decades of the 20th century, but the contemporary debate emerged in1988. Kurt L. Schmoke called for the debate on drug control and strategies. Schmokes’s argument was that for generations the United States has been pursuing policies of prosecution and repression that resulted in little more than overcrowded courts and prisons, increased profits for drug traffickers, and higher rates of addiction.
There are two main view points on the changing of drug laws. One is the Prohibition view point which is against drug legalization. Prohibitionist believe that laws that are set in place are enough and that the legalization of drugs would further disrupt family structure and imply drug use to American youth that would lower perceptions of harms and risks, as well as failing to eliminate drug addiction.( Inciardi 20). The parallel view is the libertarian viewpoint. Today the libertarian argument is legalization. A libertarian is a person that believes in upholding individual liberty, including but not limited to, freedom of expression and action. Within the libertarian view there are some views that are more liberal than others. Legalization is a belief that one wants to advocate the government to regulate specific drugs to be sold to the public (Inciardi 19). It is to these persons belief that an intelligent adult should be free to choose their private behaviors and that an informed public will make a reasonable decision. Decriminalization is when one prepossesses to eliminate all regulations on drugs. There are some that tend to lean more toward medicalization, which is the view that supports giving physician’s sole responsibility to treat drug users, including the decision to maintain drug users on the drug to which they have become addicted.
Now that I have discussed the various types of aspects on illegal substance laws, I will enlighten one on how the perspectives are not morally permissible in the United States. The medical use of marijuana is a very good argument when the amount of pain relief that the drug provides for the patient is...


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