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The Immorality Of Taking The Future From A Person: The Cons Of Abortion Based On The Ideas That A Fetus Has Potential For A Future.

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Abortion is one of the oldest controversies the United States' political systems and society have faced. There is no black and white area of this topic because many different angles by which a person can analyze the issues have been developed over the years. It is my personal belief that abortion is immoral. Based on the ideas that a fetus has potential for a future (Marquis, 1989) and that a fetus is a person, based on set criteria (Hinman, 2000), it is logical to assume the view that killing a fetus is morally wrong.The views and legalities surrounding abortion have changed numerous times through out the years. The largest turning point in the history of abortion was on January 22, 1973 when the Supreme Court made its most controversial decisions and determined that governments did not have the power to bar abortions. The ruling was the result of Norma McCorvey, under the pseudonym "Jane Roe", challenging the criminal abortion laws in Texas that forbade abortion except in cases where the mother's life was in danger. It was argued that the abortion laws in Texas went against the U.S. Constitution by infringing upon women's rights protected under the fourteenth Amendment (BBC News, 2004). The case was won, and abortion was legalized, under the Trimester System. Under the ruling, women have an unwavering right to an abortion during the first three months of pregnancy, there is some allowance for government regulation in the second trimester of pregnancy, and states can restrict or ban abortions in the last trimester if the fetus is developed to a point where it could survive outside the mother; in this, trimester abortion is always legal if a doctor says it is a life-saving procedure (BBC News). This was a large triumph for pro-abortion advocates.Some ground in following decades was re-won for anti-abortion campaigners. There have been limitations to abortion rights implemented in more than thirty states."In 1980 the US Supreme Court upheld a law that banned the use of federal funds for abortion except when necessary to save a woman's life. The issue still raises passions and marches by both sides...Then in 1989 it approved more restrictions, including allowing states to prohibit abortions at state clinics or by state employees" (BBC News, 2004).The pro-life movement received its greatest victory from the ruling in the Planned Parenthood v Casey Supreme Court case in 1992. It upholds the Roe v Wade ruling and also says that states are allowed to restrict abortions, even if done in the first trimester of pregnancy for non-medical reasons (BBC News). Most recently a Partial-Birth Abortion Act was signed in 2003 which imposes criminal and civil penalties on any doctor who knowingly performs a partial-birth abortion. This abortion is done late in the typical forty-week pregnancy but before the fetus is considered viable. These usually involve a procedure known to doctors as "dilation and extraction." During the procedure, the fetus is partially...

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