The Immutable Gloom Of War Essay

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Humming to myself, I wait at the bus stop. The day is warm, the sky is a fine blue, and the vibe of the Chandler Down Town area is the same as always. I sit there, waiting for the bus to arrive, when suddenly, from the corner of my eye I notice a man. He is in a dark green trench coat, he has a grey beanie on his head, and some old, baggy jeans. He is walking with a grocery cart, which appears to be filled with his belongings. Among those belongings I manage to see an old military cap with ribbons on it and some sort of uniform on the side. I have seen men like him before, walking around with stubbled beards, matted hair, and a lost look in their eyes. However, this particular man stood out to me. Not because of his appearance and not because he was a veteran, but because of what he was doing. He had passed me and was waiting at the corner of the street to cross, but as he was standing there, he was talking to himself. He was looking directly down into the cart and to his left, and having this whole conversation with no one. The people at the bus stop starred at him with pity, some even with disgust. Others that were also waiting on the street corner to cross, looked away as if he wasn’t even there, and others stepped away from him. I myself didn’t know what to think of it, but all I could do was stare, not with pity, but with curiosity.
To think of how war was able to cause veterans so many mental health issues that made it harder for them to interact normally in society. It is upsetting and intimidating, especially when disorders such as Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and substance use disorder (SUB) cause them to lose their mind slightly, if not completely, use drugs, and some even commit suicide. For instance, in the movie, The Best Years of Our Lives, Fred Derry soon came to realize that he was not as well as he thought, because when he would fall asleep, the memories of the lost fly boys would flood back to him and leave him only with nightmares. However, Fred Derry was not the only veteran who suffered from these kinds of dreams. In HealthDay News, the article showed a study where nearly 14% of veterans tested positive for PTSD, which influenced the repeated night horrors. Also, in a report titled, “Invisible Wounds” by Vanessa Williamson and Erin Mulhall, showed the landmark 2008 RAND study, which stated that about 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were diagnosed with PTSD or depression.
These diseases also brought with them the issue of addiction. Some examples being alcoholism and excessive drug use. These types of inclinations can be seen in all three men of The Best Years of Our Lives. For instance, Al Stephenson clearly had an issue with alcohol. Since the moment he arrived at his home in Boone City, he went on a drinking spree and from the beginning all the way up to the bank party and Homer Parrish’s wedding, he had been drinking. The drinking was also shown in Uncle...

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