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The Impact Bullying As On Our Children

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Bullying has been finally pointed out and many voices have been heard. Growing up before in the 70s, 80s, and early 90s the term bullying was not recognized or it was ignored. In today’s social living bullying is not tolerated anywhere. The cause and effect are extreme. We have to see the warning signs, of change in moods, bad behaviors, or no signs at all.
Bullying is a bad behavior were others are mistreated and are injured physically or mentally. It does not only happen in young children but also in young adults and adults. A child is defenseless when innocent and when they’re not exposed to bad behavior. One of the reasons of others bullying is a low self-esteem. This behavior usually ...view middle of the document...

At times we cannot tell or see anything wrong with a child. Of course we need to have a relationship with our children to understand each other. Many parents do not have that. That is a sign of bad parenting. A parent should be able to understand their child’s behavior whether it is good or bad and admit when they are a problems and seek for the right attention. This is just another sign that many parents fail. There are a million signs all over when a child is being bullied or you have a bully. The signs are there and if there is no sign that can also be a problem. First parents need to be more involved with their children, teach them and speak with them daily of their entire day. Schools need to develop a system where children can express themselves to one another with out being cruel or hurting anyone with their hands. Make it where they can complain and it would not be a problem because the teacher tells them they complain too much. This happens daily it really should not be like that. Children need to have someone to talk to.
The impact on children being bullied is growing...

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