The Impact Chris Mc Candless Made On The Lives Of Others

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Who influenced the other party more? Chris or the people he met along his journey? Without any money, or material objects Chris was able to leave a withstanding impact on the people he met on his journey to Alaska. In Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, Chris McCandless is able to leave a greater influence on the people he met along his journey to Alaska rather than the impact they made on him.
On Chris’s journey to Alaska, he met a gentleman by the name of Ronald Franz, and is able to leave a lasting impression on him that Ron is not able to reciprocate to Chris. In the book, author Jon Krakauer states “McCandless made an indelible impression on a number of people during the course of his hegira, most of whom spent only a few days in his company, a weeks or two at most. Nobody, however, was affected more powerfully by his or her brief contact with the boy than Ronald Franz” (Krakauer 48). This quotes shows that although there time together is brief, Chris is able to leave an indelible impact on Ron. Nobody understands the life and journey to Alaska that Chris took more than Krakauer, and through his words, he acknowledges that Chris made the biggest impact on Ron. Ron viewed Chris almost like a son. Franz admitted that “even when he was sleeping, I was happy just knowing he was there…At one point Franz dared to make a special request of McCandless…Now that my own boy’s dead, I’m the end of the line. When I’m gone, my family will be finished, gone forever. So I asked Alex if I could adopt him, if he would be my grandson” (Krakauer 55). This quote shows how to Ron, at the time, Chris meant the world to him. It is very touching because Ron admits that he is getting older, and when he dies there will be nobody to carry on his legacy. Therefore Ron wants to adopt Chris because Chris will carry on his legacy, plus Ron enjoys life more when Chris is around. When Chris told Ron he was going to leave for Alaska, Ron begged Chris to stay. Chris made such a big impact on Ron that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Chris. For this reason, Ron asked Chris if he could adopt him. When Ron met Chris, Franz’s “ long-dormant paternal impulses were kindled anew. He couldn’t get the young man out of his mind” (Krakauer 50) this shows how Chris was able to return Ron to a time in his life where he was happier and livelier. But in the following conversation between Ron and Chris, Chris shows how easily he can leave Ron. Out of the blue, one day Chris “announced that he was splitting for San Diego to earn more money for his Alaska trip. ‘You don’t need to go to San Diego,’ Franz protested. ‘I’ll give you money if you need some.’ ‘No. You don’t get it. I’m going to San Diego. And I’m leaving on Monday’ ‘ok. I’ll drive you there.’ ‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ McCandless scoffed. ‘I need to go away,’ Franz lied, ‘to pick up some leather supplies. ‘It was a very hard thing for me to do,’ Franz says. ‘I was sad to be leaving him’” (Krakauer 52-53). While this...

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