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The Impact Of The Beatles And The Rolling Stones Upon Music During The 1960's

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The Impact of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones Upon Music During the 1960's

The Beatles were a new band with a difference and this led to their
impact in the sixties. They were different because they were producing
real music and stepping away from sounding 'like just another band
trying to imitate American stars'. Beatles music was 'totally unique,
a mixture of rock and roll, Rhythm and Blues and Tamla Motown'.
British music had always been dominated from American produced goods
but the Beatles introduced abit of their own lives into their music.
They talked about where they grew up 'Penny Lane' and brought back
some real music for British teenagers, something they could relate to.
The Beatles were very good at relating to teenager issues. They talked
about many teenager troubles in their songs- love and other issues
(such as new issues of manly heartache). Lyrics such as 'I want to
hold your hand' and 'I'll cry instead'. The lyrics in 'I want to hold
your hand' tell us about a man pleading to a woman 'let me be your
man'. Lyrics in 'I'll cry instead' deal with a man who has 'lost the
only girl I've had' and in turn cries about this. John Lennon & Paul
McCartney wrote all these lyrics so they were more pure and real. They
were real with 'youthful energy, style, individuality and distinct

The Beatles also had a unique appearance. In the early years they
dressed smartly (in plain black suits with ties) and had the 'squeaky
clean image' which made them respectable to the older generation too.
They all had mop top hair cuts which were slightly longer hair cuts
but were accepted as they were a clean cut style. Earlier lyrics like
'I want to hold your hand' had innocent lyrics and so older generation
accepted them too.

Their fan base developed quickly and created Beatlemania by the start
of the mid-sixties. When they appeared on stage 'all the girls started
screaming', 'a few fainted' and from this we can see that Beatlemania
brought about insania. The Beatles were so exposed to the public by
doing numerous tours '32 shows in 24 cities within 34 days' that this
increased their popularity. Mainly girls would follow them to airports
and on tours. My teacher told me that 'girls would often bunk school
to go see the Beatles'. When on tours they developed a 'dynamic stage
presence' and 'stunned British audience'. On a video I watched I could
see that they were welcomed by 'crowds of rampaging fans everywhere
they went'. They had a great impact on people as hysteria heightened.
By 1964 they were making more money from merchandise then from music
because people brought into the commercial side of the band. After
visits to America their '16 bedsheets and eight pillowcasesâ?¦were sold
to two Chicago businessmen for $750.' It seemed people just couldn't
get enough of the...

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