The Impact Of The Smartphone On Society

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Technology has, since the primitive years, always been used to invent tools in order to solve problems. This would, in turn, simplify and make man’s life easier. Through advancements in the field, man has become more efficient on both the macro- and microscopic level. Anything nowadays can be attained with either the flip of a switch or a click of a mouse. One particular technology that came about in this time was the smartphone. Since 2008, the smartphone, a device that combines a normal cell phone with a computer, typically offering Internet access, data storage, e-mail capability, etc. all in your hand was deemed as ground-breaking technology and created one of the largest and most competitive market in terms of technology to date. Their increased popularity continued to grow and today, it is very hard to encounter someone without a smartphone. These devices allow people to disconnect from reality and grant them access to the world as a whole. People use these devices to manage their daily routine, dictating what they should do and when they should do it. The capabilities of this device had been unheard of before their time. However, is there more to this technology than what has been made aware to their owners? We have become overly obsessed with these devices that it has impacted our humanity – our interaction with others and society. Since its upbringing, the invention of the smartphone has come to negatively reinvent the way people go about their daily lives because we have become detached from society, let these smartphones govern our lives, and have become obsessed with these devices.
To begin with, the smartphone allows for its user to detach him/herself from society. Nowadays if a conversation does not interest someone, they reach for their smartphone in their pocket and venture into the world. Whatever this person ends up doing on their phone is their own personal choice; however, all actions have one common goal, to remove them from their current situation and place them in a world where they are not bored, but instead amused.
In the past, families used to schedule time frames in order to all get together to sit down and have a talk about what had happened during their day. Since the creation of the smartphone, this has changed from a time for everyone to talk and socialize with each other into a competition of how many words per minute someone can text on their smartphone. This situation has occurred in none other than my family. Every dinner, we used to get together and converse about each other’s day and now it has changed into a time to use our phones. Even if we are only rooms apart, we much rather send each other a text message than call out each other’s name and engage in conversation in this matter. By no longer engaging in these conversations the smartphone has reinvented the way humans go about their social relationships. It is due to this that many people in the world today cannot have a...

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