The Impact Of A Father's Love On His Child

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A child’s healthy development is crucial to the growth of a strong society. In order for a child to progress successfully, it is essential to have the father in the juvenile’s life. It has been proven that, the “father’s love appears to be as heavily implicated as a mother’s love in offspring’s psychological well-being and health ” (Rohner & Veneziano, 2001, p. 382-405). It has also been shown, “that fathers make important contributions to their children's cognitive and behavioral functioning” (Pougnet, Schwartzman, Serbin, & Stack, 2011, p.173-182). Unfortunately without the father, “sons obtained lower scores for all the moral indexes significantly lower for internal moral judgment, ...view middle of the document...

This proves that the presence of the father’s love does indeed help the male child to become a better member of society. Another study was based on the correlation among substance abusers and their parents. The participants of the study included both genders. The conclusion of the study showed that the abuser group “had experienced qualitatively more paternal rejection than acceptance before the onset of serious drug use as adolescents… and the non-abuse group, on the other hand, had experienced substantial paternal…love and acceptance...” (Rohner& Veneziano, 2001,p. 382-405). This study also shows that the paternal love is highly significant in the decision-making factor of the adolescent.
With that being said, similarly to the father’s loving involvement and non-involvement with his son, a father’s loving involvement or non-involvement with his daughter has an impact on her stress levels. The hypothesis of the study said “the quality of the father–daughter relationship predicted stress responses following problem discussion with a friend” (Auer et al., 2012. p.87-94). Once the study had been completed, the results proved the hypothesis right and showed “specifically, females with higher negatively perceived father ratings showed an elevated cortisol response to problem discussion with a friend” (Auer et al., 2012.p.87-94). This proves that the father is indeed a key tool and helping his daughter develop with healthy stress levels. The study also presented the idea of the “father–daughter relationship appearing to provide cues in regard to the potential social dynamics likely to be experienced in the future” (Auer et al., 2012.p.87-94). This shows just how great of an impact a father’s love can have on his child.
In addition, “a study conducted in the United States indicated that children whose fathers lived with them full-time had higher scores on reading and math tests than children whose fathers did not live with them… paternal warmth when children were 12-years-old was a predictor of school achievement two years later” (Pougnet...

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