The Influence Of A Hotel Quality Of Service And Image And Its Effect On Tourism Customer Loyalty

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I. Statement of Problem
Hospitality and tourism have evolved into truly global industries are dispersed worldwide. Due to changes in lifestyle, the services offered by hospitality businesses are now considered to be necessities. Consequently, during the past decade, there has been an exponential growth in hospitality businesses to meet the demands of the growing market. Today, hospitality organizations are faced with intense competition. Hence, in the scheme of business, it has become apparent that the ultimate goal of any organization in a hyper- competitive market, is to maintain a loyal customer base. It is essential for any hospitality organization to seek opportunities to gain a competitive advantage by adopting various strategies.Thus, hospitality firms should develop proactive strategies to gain customer loyalty, as opposed to relying on pricing strategies to attract new customers. Customer-supplier relationship, and the resulting loyalty of the customer, can be assumed to be necessary prerequisites for any firm to prosper in the competitive market. Management thinker Peter Drucker (1973:79) wrote, “to satisfy the customer is the mission and purpose of every business.” Thus, for many years, business organizations have focused on customer satisfaction programs (Bhote, 1996). It is now becoming apparent that it is no longer customer satisfaction, but customer loyalty, that constitutes the dominant factor in the success of a business organization. The increasing sophistication of customers’ demands also poses a challenge to the development of customer loyalty in the service industry (Kirwin, 1992). Modern consumers demand high-quality products and services and exhibit a low tolerance for products and services of mediocre quality. This has been an ever-increasing concern for hotel managers, who therefore seek ways to understand the factors that most influence customers to become loyal. In a practical context, this knowledge assists hotel managers to develop creative strategies to nurture and to maintain customer loyalty from both existing and prospective customers.Thus, discussions on the interrelationships between service quality, corporate image, and the mechanism by which they jointly influence customer loyalty can be of major interest to hospitality firms and researchers. Thus, this study finding will further the knowledge in the hospitality literature.
The aim of this article is to understand the influence of hotel service quality and corporate image on tourism customer loyalty. Data were collected from tourists at several sight-seeing locations in Mauritius. The study sample comprised guests of various hotels in Mauritius who were randomly approached and invited to participate in a survey on the hotel’s services.

II. Review of Literature

Service Quality
Service quality is generally viewed as an overall evaluation of the service provided (Taylor & Baker, 1994). It has also been viewed as a multidimensional construct formed...

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