The Impact Of American Film Industry

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American film industry has progressed for nearly two hundred years with a huge success. According to IMDB, the Hollywood production grosses billions of dollars every single year and holds about sixty percent of global box office. It all started with the Kinetoscope (the oldest videotaping machine) invented by Thomas Edison which made American film industry developed quickly and steadily during the 20th century. Nowadays, new improvement on the equipment and conjunction with computerized graphics and advancing technology make movie production more realistic and fascinating. Among them, the 3D technology especially broadens the scope of film industry and covers every aspect of human imagination and thoughts to capture the audiences. Producers produce films based on real life in order to entertain audiences to resonate with films so that films can behave well on box office. It is good to have a variety of movies facing different interests of the society, but the pop culture affected by the film industry also influenced the society about “beauty, glamour, femininity, masculinity, and America 's role in the world” (Mintz 1). Thus, the film industry who at first trying to entertain the audiences, starts to express vivid ideas of every aspect of the society to the audiences.
Iron Mas 3 recently closed with the first rank in 2013 with approximately 1.2 billion global box office. If we start looking back at the movies produced after 9/11, we will suspect that lots of the movies ranked the box office are superhero movies or someone with superpowers. The reason behind this unusual superhero boom is that the film industry catch the audiences offguard when they really demand a superhero. During the trauma 9/11, most Americans were emotionally attached or physically damaged by this tragedy. People or the society surely once hoped that someone can stand up as a savior to save them from grieve, but the reality did not cooperate and what left was the ruined Americans who felt powerless. Hollywood probably observed or had this same hope, so they tried to recreate the reality in the movies to regret no more for their powerless action when facing the 9/11. After finding success in this movie genre, the film industry as whole start griping this superhero theme for profit without experiencing the periodical aesthetic fatigue from the audiences. In the meantime, the film industry pleases the audiences by observing their demand and openly resonating with the public and films produced with this purpose merely function as a society's kaleidoscope.
However, the film industry does not always produce films for the public demand, they also produce films that subject to expressing opinions and shaping the society. As the common wisdom states that some films are destined not to “succeed commercially,” documentary was one of the “unpopular” genres in film industry (McDermott 1). Although documentaries are usually played on History and Discovery Channels almost every day, none of...

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