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The Impact Of Computer Games And Technology On Children's Learning

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Technology as a Tool to Enhance Children’s Learning
Technology is an excellent tool to motivate students. Also, technology-based learning experiences are successful because students are interested in activities that are engaging and they feel more connected to the content. This is best exemplified by a study conducted by Boeglin-Quintana & Donovan. The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of iPod device for listening to stories during silent reading time. The literature review examined the research focusing on motivating students using technology, vocabulary acquisition through read aloud and English language learner home support. It was conducted in a kindergarten classroom ...view middle of the document...

The researchers found that assistive technology can also support the inclusion and participation of young children with special needs (Mitchell, 2007). According to Judge, Floyd, and Jeffs the assistive technology toolkit should be created which can address the skill deficits of young children with disabilities (Judge et al., 2008)
Students learn more when video information is presented on large screen as compared to smaller screen due to extra clarity of detailed information. Also, large screen allows easy viewing by larger groups of students. Hourcade, Parette Jr, Boeckmann, and Blum in their paper outline the use of a technology toolkit to support emergent literacy curriculum and instruction in early childhood education setting. The use of hardware and the software that are the components of the toolkit was provided (Hourcade et al., 2010).
According to a study conducted by McManis and Gunnewig in 2012 teachers have been using technology of one type or another with children for decades, but the development of new technologies and their presence in classroom is increasing rapidly. For the positive outcomes on children, technology needs to be developmentally appropriate, should include tools to help teachers implement the technology successfully, and should be integrated into the classroom and curriculum. It is necessary to evaluate the software program before using them in the classroom. For technology to be developmentally appropriate, it should be responsive to the ages and developmental levels of the children, to their needs and interests. For the software programs to have a strong impact on children’s learning experiences, it should have educational value, should have the ability to engage a child in learning, it should be child friendly, there should be an interactivity between the child and the program, and it should have the ability to monitor a child’s progress. Also the article mentions the three types of scaffolding: cognitive, technical, and affective that the teachers can implement when using technology with children (McManis & Susan, 2012). When technology used appropriately, it can enhance meaningful learning for young children.
Nemeth and Simon provided the different ideas for using technology to bridge language barriers in early childhood education and to meet the needs of all children in the classroom, including dual language learners. According to these researchers, technology should not be used to replace the things happening in the classroom, but it can be used to enhance, augment, and improve the teaching and learning experience (Nemeth & Simon, 2013). Now, teaching dual language learners is not difficult. Because of technology, teachers can have access to languages and resources whenever needed. It makes easy to connect and share with children and families across language barriers.
Wetzel, Foulger, Rathkey, and Mitchell also conducted a collaborative case study in 2009. The study investigated the different ways to use...

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