The Impact Of Cow’s Milk On Society

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The Impact of Cow’s Milk on Society
The amount of foods and beverages that lye in the dairy section are limitless. Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk and butter are what make up the dairy world, but the most important of these categories is milk, more specifically, cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is a commodity that plays a vital role in the health of humans. It contains nutrients that are essential to the human body, such as calcium, potassium, and vitamin D. Each one of these nutrition factors plays a different role in the human body. For example, calcium helps build strong bones and teeth, potassium helps lower blood pressure, and vitamin D helps maintain bone mass (Health Benefits, ...view middle of the document...

In other words, drinking cow’s milk could lower the risk of getting diabetes. That could make a large impact on society, mainly people who are diabetics. On the other hand, cow’s milk has a disadvantage when it comes to fat. Whole fat cow’s milk contains a large quantity of bad cholesterol, which could ultimately clog arteries and lead to cardiovascular disease (Health Benefits, n.d.). In that case, consuming either whole fat milk or fat-free milk could make a large impact on blood health. Overall, drinking cow’s milk comes with its positive and negative effects on human health.
It is evident that milk production makes an impact on the human diet and health, but it also makes an impact on trade. The cow milk industry is heavily involved in the trading business, more specifically, the global export and import network. Cow’s milk plays an important role in global trade. “About 5 to 7 percent of globally produced milk is internationally traded” (Trade, 2012). With results like that, cow’s milk has some potential value in the markets, especially in the United States. “Cow’s milk is the second largest agricultural commodity by value” in the U.S., thus the states’ economies are dependent on the exporting of this commodity (Senator Feinstein, 2006). Although cow’s milk is traded internationally, the commodity is not always sold as its liquid form. Cow’s milk could represent an ingredient in producing other goods, such as butter, yogurt and cheese. These goods along with liquid milk make up the 5 to 7 percent of cow’s milk that is traded from country to country.
There are many countries that involve themselves in global cow milk trade. For example, the European Union, or EU, trade enough cow’s milk to make up “32 percent of their export sales” (Dairy, n.d.). Such a high percentage shows that the EU is dependent on milk export, thus their economy relies on other nations buying their product. Another country that is involved in trading cow’s milk...

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