The Impact Of Information Technology On The Automotive Industry

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THE IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ON THE AUTOMOTIVE PARTS INDUSTRY Page 1 As human beings, we thrive on information and communication. We crave human contact in the form of visual and audio communication. Human beings love information and communication so much so, that with the invention of each new technology we not only grab for it, but we also hold on to the past. We wake up every morning, read our newspaper, listen to our car radios, crank up the Internet; read our mail, write letters, and at the end of the day, we watch the six o'clock news (just in case we missed anything).Have you noticed however, something incredible has been happening in our world - not just in the last three or four years with computers and the Internet, but more in the last several decades. Information is moving more quickly and becoming more plentiful, and everywhere people are benefiting from this change. And what about the 'sub-industry' of training all of us to use the computer to get at this information? This year, the Information Technology Training Industry in the United States is expected to total more than $7 billion dollars! Across the nation and the world, technological advances in the way we distribute information are having a profound effect in shaping our world of tomorrow. Today, it is impossible to have wisdom or hindsight regarding the impact of the computer and information technology on our lives. There are tens of millions of Web users, from second graders to CEO's. With each click of the mouse, a door to the world is quite literally opened. We are truly the pioneers of a new age.Page 2 Information technology is defined as the application of computers and techniques of using computers to the handling of masses of data. The technology we hold in our hands today is utterly amazing. From body-nets that can link small computerized devices on our eyeglasses and belts with others in our cars and homes, or software that can hold a conversation with a human. We live in a world where Email, multimedia, CD-ROMs, and virtual reality are truly our reality! I chose to discuss the impact of information technology on a specific company "" National Automotive Lines, Inc.. National Automotive Lines, Inc. is a small family owned business that supplies automotive parts. It is located in my hometown of Shelbyville, IN. I worked there for three years while I attended Shelbyville High School. As a packer, I boxed those automotive parts for the customers. National Automotive Lines, Inc. is a long time supplier to al facets of the automotive aftermarket, providing quality parts at competitive prices. The company also offer many replacement and rebuilding parts lines, both Name Brand and Private Brand, tools, supplies, equipment, testers, as well as body parts.Every industry or company has a value chain which consists of the suppliers, the participants, and the customers. At National Automotive Lines, Inc., the suppliers consists of those Name Brand and Private Brand...

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