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The Impact Of Disparate Treatment On Society, Business, And My Personal Experiences

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Disparate treatment has the potential to impact society, business, and my own personal experiences with a career in or outside of business in the future. Disparate treatment has an impact on my life today due to the restrictions and measures placed on any possible employers I encounter as I work part-time as a student. Since disparate treatment is the unfair treatment of an individual based on any one of the factors of sex, religion, disability, race, age, national origin, there is a broad category of people protected by this rule of law.
Disparate Treatment’s impact on society can be viewed in two ways: 1) the way in which it impacts those who might otherwise be discriminated against due ...view middle of the document...

This encourages all people to pursue a higher education because their employment prospects will increase due to their higher credentials. Due to the fact that employees are hired on the basis of their qualifications, businesses are encouraged to hire the best employees possible, which in the long run helps them succeed in their niche of the market. This, in turn, makes the market more competitive, resulting in greater competition to innovate and become the leader of the respective industry. The outcome of this will be improved product quality and lower prices for the consumer as efficiency increases.
My personal experiences with disparate treatment have included the hiring for jobs I have held thus far in my life. I have had one employer that was surprised I was hired due to my gender and stated that the other co-owner preferred to hire boys because they could do the heavy lifting that the job sometimes entailed. Ironically, I was able to handle most all of the lifting I encountered while employed at that establishment. Had disparate treatment not been a rule of law, I would likely have been unemployed that summer due to the dwindling number of jobs that did not require such physical labor.
In the future, I expect disparate treatment to allow me more equal opportunities in my career. After I graduate from college and begin to interview for jobs at different companies, these companies will only take into account my qualifications and not my gender, race, or other aspects protected under this rule. Since sexism is a very real occurrence in today’s world, disparate treatment can help me seek legal action if I am ever wronged because of my gender. This may also make advancement easier due to it being based solely on the work and effort I put in my career. Just as many other women have “moved up the ranks” in their own companies, I may someday become the president or CEO of a company that I begin my career at.
Overall, the impact that disparate treatment will have on society, business, and my own present and future endeavors is...

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