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The Impact Of Divorce On Young Children And Adolescents

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For the past decades, divorce has been increasing dramatically throughout the United States; it is a common issue in this society. Approximately one million children experience divorce or parental separation every year(Shinoda, Kevin Seiji, 2001, La Mirada, pg. 9). According the 2000 census data, about 28% of divorce or separated parents, have at least one children who is under age of 6(Kim Leon Jul., 2003 pg. 258). Also, slightly more than half of all divorced children are under the age of 18, and about 40% of all children will experience divorce or parental separation before reaching adulthood(Shinoda, Kevin Seiji, 2001, La Mirada, pg. 9). Divorces strongly affect the development of children, and most of time, problems start as soon as divorce occurs. The experience of divorce is a common cause for juvenile delinquency among children and teenagers and can be traumatic for children and adolescence(Shinoda, Kevin Seiji, 2001, La Mirada, pg. 9). Though, several oppose the negative effects on children, say that good divorce can bring out positive long-term effects, many other research still have strong evidences that bring out the negative effects of divorce on children and adolescence. The process of divorces bring out many negative impacts on children such as problems in parent children relationship, emotions, behavior, coping skill, and psychosocial development(Sara Eleoff, Pennsylvania , Nov. 2003 ). Although it is almost impossible for parents to avoid these problems, parents can still find ways to reduce the negative effects of divorce. on the other hand, if the problems are handled poorly, they can lead to major crisis during the children's adulthood. Experiencing divorce as a child appears to have to increase the risks of a variety problems in adulthood. Children start to have struggles with relationship, later on, marriage and family issues. Indeed, divorce does have strong impacts on how the children develop. Especially, when right after divorce, the parents remarry into a another family, which create overlapping roles for parents, and challenging adjustment for the adolescence and children as well(Alice M. Hines May, 1997 pg. 375). These new environment can, in fact,

Parent-Child Relationship 2
worsen the parent-child relationships, and brings less affection from children to parents. It is true that divorce would have many negative effects on the development of the children; however, a healthy parenting style can alter the problematic consequences of divorce.
Many theories have been advanced to explain the connection between parental divorce and negative outcomes for the children(Shansky, Janet, 2002, Michigan, online copyright, no page). As soon as the divorce occurs the relationship between parents and child starts to deteriorate. Studies shows that the adult children of divorced parents feel less affection for their parents, have less contact with them, and engaged in a fewer...

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