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The Impact Of E Book On The World

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Modern Society is making way for this new technological world of E-books, which are making an impact on the world, creating change in organizations and internet access, individual’s reading habits, and to the future generation of education. E-books are still books, but it is different in many ways from traditional books. Vasileiou and Rowley made a study to define e-book and not compare it to a tradition book. They state:
An e-book is a digital object with textual and/or other content, which arises as a result of integrated the familiar concept of a book with features that can be provided in an electronic environment. E-books typically have in use features such as search and cross reference functions, hypertext links, bookmarks annotation, highlights, multimedia objects and interactive tools. (qtd. in Carreiro)
The definition give the detail of how it e-book differs from the original books like it features. The features that it offers is what is making a big impact and having advantages to people compared to of a printed book.
Even though e-books where not in the mass market, the e-book can be found dated back to the early 1970’s , but e-readers did not show up until the late 1990’s which made a big advancement in e-books (Avant 128-129). In 1999, it was projected that the future of e-books brought controversy to people over whether they would bring good or bad possibilities. The possibility of space on shelves in libraries allowing them to have enough room for printed books would be one advantage. It was projected that books could be downloaded from the internet at anytime, but this presented the possibility of not having space on the internet, since it provides only provides limited amount of space in memory for the item to be stored. But if it was solely relied on and the old print copies were discarded, losing all the information is a dangerous possibility. For example a hacker can go in and delete the available information (Petroski 213).
People are worried about the effects on organizations and libraries that these e-books are causing. Many feel since e-books are becoming more popular, the printing companies will vanish. The number of newspaper readers has been declining over the last decade. Daily newspapers have dropped “[nine percent] of weekly print publication sales from April 2009 to April 2010”. (Avant 127) Each year as the young generations become accustomed to the new technology, the more traditional customs will fade away. The pressure to go digital is causing problems for printed newspaper. The publishing companies are struggling, but that doesn’t mean they are vanishing. The publishing companies might have great opportunities. They can embrace e-books and convert to electronic publishing (e-publishing) (Carreiro). They can see an increase in budget and sells (Collins 19).
The e-books are contributing to libraries making it easy and useful for them. The e-books offer gives great advantages to the budgets and it customers....

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