The Impact Of Education On The Renaissance

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The gigantic effect that education had on Renaissance society was greatly stimulated by the new development of humanism. Humanism was responsible for the curiosity of many intellects during the Renaissance, which ultimately led to the discoveries and developments that made the Renaissance such a remarkable time. It proposed a different way of thinking, unprecedented by scholars. Without humanism and the educational interest that it brought about, the Renaissance would not be known as the explosion of culture that it is considered today.
Humanistic belief that ?the church should not rule civic matters, but should guide in only spiritual matters? (The Humanist Philosophy) led to the expansion in education that the Renaissance is known for. Because Italian humanists believed that they should become knowledgeable and apply that knowledge for the benefit of civilization in general, a huge boom in education, seperate from that taught by the clergy, occurred (The Humanist Philosophy). For the first time in modern years, the philosophy of ancient Greeks such as Plato and Socrates were studied widely so as to better understand the thinking behind those of ancient times, an era greatly admired by the Italians of Renaissance times. These studies were a bridge to more mathematical thinking than the objective thinking of the past, thoughts were backed up by reasoning. This kind of thought and study eventually led to the opposition to the Church teachings about subjects such as Indulgences, which were not proven to be true by any known document, including the Bible (Renaissance - Humanism). Without the new thoughts brought about by education during the Renaissance, society may very well still be dominated by the Church.
The study of the sciences was promoted by the curiosity brought about by humanism during the Renaissance. Artists began ?[exploring] the mathematical relationships inherent in nature? (Renaissance ? Science in the Renaissance) which led to the monumental change in art from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. These mathematical studies are responsible for the famous artwork of Michelangelo and Leonardo, without which the Renaissance would be much less admired by today?s society. The use of depth and perspective,...

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