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The Impact Of Family Violence From An Intergenerational Perspective & Rational Emotive Approach Used To Assist A Client With A History Of Family Violence.

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1.The impact of family violence from an intergenerationalperspective.Family violence is an issue that has been around since the beginning of time. Family violence is not biased against culture, gender, or age, and only recently has it has become recognized as a social problem. The woman's movement of the nineteen-seventies helped organize an uprising of shelters to protect battered women and children. An increase of police reports of family violence also heightened public and professional concern. There are many factors, which are said to influence family violence, such as drugs, alcohol, and unemployment. The idea that family violence is passed down from one generation to another has also been a factor. Violence on the part of the abuser was probably rooted in their experience of violence as a child. Generations may not re-create themselves exactly in the same way, but there are still continuities in societies over time. In every next generation there may be a difference in an individual's geographical movement, social mobility, number of children and differences in life goals, but there is still a discernible relationship between the past and present generation, such as values and ethics concerning family violence. Family violence in one generation often flows over into other generations. Some parents have an excessive dependence on physical punishment, because they do not know any other way to deal with conflicts, and they are already using violence against each other. There is a lack of communication in a family that has abuse, and when they do communicate it is often in a negative manner, Being the victim of violence is often related to being violent oneself, and women who witnessed their father's pushing, grabbing or hitting their mothers are more often victims themselves. A child learns violent behavior growing up in a violent family. When a child's mother or father responds to a situation with violence, the child learns that this is acceptable behavior. When, as an adult, the child becomes uncontrollably angry or violent, it may be due to their up bringing, which starts a cycle of violence. If the cycle of violence does not stop, it will be passed on from generation to generation.2.How long term family conflict could promote problems in daily relationships.Living in a family can be hell or heaven. It should be a place for growing and learning, with love and understanding, but sometimes that's not the case. A family can also be a place of stress, fear, anger and arguments. Communication and trust provides growth and closeness to a family, and without it a family could become stagnated into a no-win conflict situation, which caused stress and unhappiness. There is conflict in all families, because everyone is different in some ways, such as unique feelings and ideas. Conflict is normal in families, and it occurs more with adolescents in a family, because they want their independence and control, and you may have different priorities or...

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