The Influence Of Fashion On People

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The Influence of Fashion on People

Everyday, you’re thinking ‘Why cant I just be the most perfect human
being in the world?’ If you have a wonky nose or you want larger lips
you can just ask a surgeon to try and perform miracles to change you.
It sounds so straightforward. You don’t need to go on holiday anymore
to get a tan. You can go under a sun bed and shrivel up like a raisin
or you could apply brown paint to your body. Fashion is a big part of
all our lives. Why, today are we being pressurised in trying to make
ourselves perfect and more beautiful?

Not everyone’s perfect. Some people would say the perfect person would
have blonde hair, blue eyes, slim with a lovely tan. People would say
this because they consider this type of person to be very attractive.
On the other hand everyone has a different perfect person in their
mind because it’s their own view.

One thing that has become fashionable for woman is to have cosmetic
surgery, to make you feel better about yourself, or to make features
on your body look more attractive. People have all different kinds of
surgery such as nose jobs, liposuctions, face-lifts, breast
enlargements or reductions. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more popular
every day. Even men are going under the knife as well. Some people say
that it makes you look false and doesn’t look real but I think if you
have had an accident and something really horrific has happened to
your body or face, I think that it is acceptable because the surgery
would be for a totally different reason. However, many people say that
it is carried out to correct a feature that has been affecting you for
ages and is done so that it will make your self-image and your
confidence much better. It can also make you feel more attractive and
improve your lifestyle. It also must be taken into account that
Plastic Surgery can be dangerous, or it could go absolutely wrong and
damage your body when you become older, especially if you are still
growing. Cosmetic surgery is very expensive which costs thousands of
pounds, and there is no guarantee it will make you look better, in
fact it could make you look and feel worse therefore, costing you lots
of time, money and lots of pain for nothing.

When you’re walking through the streets trying to look your best in
your bright orange tan, all it is doing to you is making you feel more
attractive. Using a sun bed, is a very popular way to make yourself
look like you have been on holiday, sunbathing on the beach from
morning till night. Sun beds are acceptable if you don’t use them too
much, if however you do use them all the time it could turn out to be
terrible. Many people are addicted to sun beds and use them
constantly. They could then be at a great risk of getting skin cancer.
Some people may argue that that sun beds are a good thing because...

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