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The Impact Of Globalization On The Modern Methods Of Communication

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The world is standing on the brink of great social changes, technological and cultural innovations. Deployment of technology affects all aspects of social life. Significant changes occur in the whole structure of culture and modern civilization. Currently we are witnessing a new level of development of human society with the trend of globalization in all spheres of human activity. In order to be able to find our place in this new transformed world, we need to understand the nature and direction of change, which leads to globalization, particularly in the field of business communications.
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The process of globalization in the modern civilization has a huge impact on the society in the forms of new values, needs, forms and methods of self-identification of individuals and social groups, the conditions and forms of communications.
From the XIX century until the mid XX century communications were existing in two different forms. First - the mail, newspapers, magazines and books, i.e. resources that were printed on paper and distributed by the physical methods of delivery or stored in libraries. Second are the telegraph, telephone, radio and television or in general the coded messages or speech transmitted by means of radio or cable connection from person to person. Nowadays, the technologies that once existed in the different areas of application erase these differences, so that the information consumers have at their disposal a set of alternative forms. (Bell) Modern information society implies the development of a powerful unified communication space interconnected by computers and communication networks. The progress of computer and telecommunication networks is developing with a fantastic speed. Almost a half of the century ago, in 1965, the satellite communication system INTELSAT was able to handle 240 simultaneous calls across the Atlantic. (Intelsat) Nowadays it is able to transmit 120 thousands simultaneous feeds in the real time, nevertheless the cost of the call dropped more than ten times. The virtually endless "internet" continues to grow. In addition to performing professional tasks, computer communication already covers the entire sphere of social activity. The lightning fast development of personal communications occurs via email and social networks. They are the most common options among computer-mediated methods of communication outside the workplace.
So, what is a communication system that in contrast to the historical experience of the past creates a real virtuality? According to a Manuel Castells, a Spanish sociologist, quote: “It is a system in which reality itself (that is people’s material / symbolic existence) is entirely captured, fully immersed in ta virtual image setting, in the world of make believe, in which appearances are not just on the screen through which experience is communicated, but they become the experience.” (Castells, 404) This fairly new system of communication is universal; it covers the whole world, but has a number of features that limits access to this system. First of all the countries that incorporated into this communication system are usually the technically advanced countries. In order to use an electronic communications efficiently the particular country need to have a certain level of technology in the field of communications, along with somewhat advanced level of scientific and technological potential. The informational/global economy is organized around command and control centers that are capable to coordinate, imply new innovations and manage informational and business...

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