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The Impact Of Green Data Centers On Energy Efficiency

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The Impact of Green Data Centers on Energy Efficiency
Name: Prasanna M Lakshmipathy
Institute: Minot State University

Green Data Center Potentiates Energy Efficiency
A data center is a facility/equipment used in housing computer systems and other computer related components, including storage systems and telecommunications (Glanz, 2012). A data center comprises of backup or redundant power supplies, environmental controls like air conditioning and fire suppression, connections of redundant data links and diverse security devices. According to Glanz (2012), large data centers make industrial scale operations which consume electricity, sufficient to run a small town. On the other hand, data centers have also been cited as sources of air pollution, resulting from diesel exhaust (Glanz, 2012). This research paper will look into how green data centers potentiate energy efficiency, to reduce power consumption which has posed hazardous economic and global warming effects.
The availability and cost of energy for the power-hungry electronic devices like computers, has become a major concern, and as a result, many companies, governments and industries are seeking ways of controlling energy consumption and reduce carbon footprint as well (Thrash, 2012). For instance, there is a likelihood of data centers consuming an estimate of 2% of the United States electrical grid capacity, translating to $2 billion in utility bills per month (Thrash, 2012). According to McKinsey & Company, by 2020, carbon dioxide emission from data centers is estimated to quadruple, exceeding airline industry emission. This is attributed to the rapid growth of computing power (Thrash, 2012). Carbon footprint is the measurement associated with emitted greenhouse gases by a particular entity over a specific period of time, which is conventionally expressed as units of CO2 equivalent (Carbon Footprint Ltd, 2009).
On the other hand, more computing powers are required because many companies seek to perform very complex analyses to satisfy the increasing demand by customers to access their accounts in real time (Forrest, Kaplan & Kindler, 2008). As a result, employees are securing technology-intensive methods of collaborating. This has in turn increased the need for more computing, networking and storage capacities even with the depleting economy. In order to match the increasing demand for computing powers, majority of the United States’ companies are increasing their computing resources hence influencing an increase in servers in data centers to about 10% per year (Forrest, Kaplan & Kindler, 2008).
Information Technology (IT) operations are the fundamental aspects of organizational operations in most organizations and institutions throughout the world (Thrash, 2012). Most organizations’ concern includes business continuity, and companies depend on their available information systems to execute their operations. This implies that, if a system becomes unavailable due to...

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