The Impact Of High Turnover Rate In Public Hospitals To The Society

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The impact of high turnover rate in public hospitals to the society.

Healthcare services

When the high turnover rate in public hospitals, it will lower quality of the healthcare services. The high turnover rate in public hospital, it will cause a shortage in the frontline staff in public hospital. Therefore, it can negatively affect the quality of healthcare service. The following few reasons.

Firstly, it takes a heavy workload to the doctor and nurse. when the age population is increasing, the elderly will suffer from different kind of chronic illness, for example diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and renal disease. Thus, demand for medical personnel is increasing quickly.
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According to this, it can estimate that the work efficiency will be decreased.

Thirdly, it leads a negatively sentiment and motivation to the medical personnel. There are high turnover rate in public hospital. This phenomenon may affect other public health worker to consider quitting the job when they feel less job satisfaction. It is because they are affected by crowd behaviors, some medical personnel emulate to their colleagues to find a better prospect. It shows that they are less motivation to work.


When the high turnover rate in public hospitals, when the high turnover in public hospital, it lead a shortage in manpower, the health care service could not satisfied our demand. Thus, the different stakeholders make policy to solve the problem. When they adopt the policy, it will use the budget, it increases the financial burden.

The money cost increases on health expenditure. The government afraid the high turnover rate will lead serious shortage manpower in public hospital, it raises a budget on health spending. In 2010, Health Spending Budget reached 39.9 billion. Moreover, Government sincerely to deal with the brain drain of public hospitals, the imbalance of nurses. Hospital Authority Chairman Anthony Wu said that the Bureau will spend nearly $ 100 million in 2010 to recruit about 300 nurses. When the turnover rate is countinuous increasing on the public hospital, it takes finncail burden on health expenditure.

Under the high turnover rate in public hospitals, the government suggested "29 - 2011-12 Budget" proposal, a $ 1 billion to extend the Elderly Health Care Voucher Pilot Scheme for three years, and the voucher amount doubled to 500 yuan per person per year, while strengthening the monitoring of the use of vouchers. It hopes to transfer some heavy workload from public hospital to private hospital.

The cost of hire people to work on public hospital increases during the high turnover. For example, turnover rate of nurses in public hospitals in 2007, rised by 4.1% . To alleviate the shortage of nurses, HA first set of seven hospital clusters joint recruitment exhibition, expected to attract 500 full-time or part-time nurse. The Bureau recruited nurses when the short-term part-time students, the object included students in grades 1 to 4, the hourly rate ranging from 46t o 76 dollar. Also to attract part-time staff, the Council changed, when a part-time nurse was determined by seniority salary, the highest hourly rate of 159 to 215 dollar, compared with the old uniform hourly wage, raised nearly 4 percent.

Moreover, it will put more resources into the training of medical personnel,...

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