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The Impact Of Hurricanes On Topsail Island

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Only 26 miles long and not even 1 mile wide, Topsail Island offers a unique environment blending the Atlantic Ocean and the Intercostal Waterway. Although mostly peaceful and scenic, the vast beach that stretches the entire length of the island and the plethora of colorful summer homes that crowd the limited space are prone to obliteration. Extremely susceptible to hurricanes, Topsail survives off federal aid to rebuild and redevelop. There are more tourist traps and junk store littered about the island than grocery stores due to FEMA and the Federal government pouring millions of dollars into the salvaging the barrier island, attempting to rebuild the beaches and consequently boosting the ...view middle of the document...

S. Military developed a 1,500 mph missile named the “flying stovepipe” in addition to launching 200 experimental rockets. Despite the success of the testing, increasing sea traffic, unpredictable weather, and the growing range of the missiles caused the site to be moved from Topsail Island. Although the Navy abandoned the island, throughout Operation Bumblebee the intercostal waterway surrounding the Topsail was dredged, roads were built, and fresh water was piped onto the island, allowing the government to sell the island to the public at the conclusion of the military project.
Following the initial development sponsored by the Federal Government and the U.S. Military, Topsail Island underwent a large spike in building and residency. Incorporated in 1963, the Town of Topsail Beach encompasses the southernmost third of the island. High rise development is not allowed, beautification is encouraged, and conservation of the island environment is a top priority. Following Topsail Beach, the last two thirds of the island, Surf City and North Topsail Beach, were incorporated in (NEED YEARS). Although buying land on a relatively remote island off rural North Carolina may not be attractive to some, in the late 1980s, after the local government installed more sewer lines, development spiked once again. Many people developed on the island as the land was relatively cheap and the beach was uncrowded. People were also encouraged to move to Topsail Island as they could count on the availability of cash grants, federally subsidized flood insurance, and low-interest loans in case of flood or hurricane. With the creation of the Coast Barrier Resource Act in 1982, legislation that removed federal incentive to build on barrier islands, due to a lack of population and development compared to the other regions of the island, North Topsail Beach became an area ineligible for federal expenditures and assistance. Fed up with protecting barrier islands surrounding the country, Congress was no longer willing to fund areas prone to a loss of natural resources, threatened human lives, destruction of homes, and the loss of millions of tax dollars per year. As flood insurance was not completely covered, residents of North Topsail Beach financed the entire cost of development and rebuilding and not until the summer of 1996 would the islanders have to question their seemingly flawless investment.
In 1996, for the second time in history, the eyes of two hurricanes spun along almost the same path in the same summer, rekindling the regional nickname, “Hurricane Alley.” In addition to being hit directly by Hurricane Fran and Hurricane Bertha, both category three storms, Topsail Island was adversely affected by Hurricane Edouard and Hurricane Hortense. Hardly any oceanfront homes escaped serious damaged and nearly 90 percent of coastal beach areas surrounding North Carolina were destroyed. Unfortunately, the most damaging part of Bertha hit the area that could least afford...

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