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The Impact Of Information Technology Essay

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Many people argue that the technology of our generation has made us more impersonal, and disinclined to interact with others in a face-to-face situation. However, it can also be said that our generation is one of the best connected on a global scale. Not only can we connect with people from different countries in a matter of minutes, we can get their opinion on events that we might have before only been able to understand from a limited point of view. There’s a broader access to education, via telecommunication and online institutions; even media websites such as YouTube and iTunes have shown a significant contribution. Even the way in which business is conducted has been effected by a ...view middle of the document...

It’s a very slow process, impeded by those who only look internally, but we’re developing a sense of a global community, and not only socially.

Today’s technology doesn’t just give us the ability to ‘like’ and comment on everything─ as fun as it may be. Institutions all over the world are offering online courses and degrees to those who may not be able to attend in a traditional manner. For those who live in a remote location or work to support themselves/their families, distance education is becoming an increasingly popular option. Students attend classes via Skype, with all of their assignments turned in through email or course-specific forums which the professor monitors. Students and professors alike have chosen to upload recorded lessons to YouTube─ these videos act as study aids for students the world over. Apple is currently working with publishers to offer interactive textbooks on the iPad for students of all ages, which will not only improve the quality of education for those who don’t do well in traditional class settings. They also work with various secondary education institutions, museums and libraries in ITunes University, which offers free lectures and lessons to any user who has the application.

The relationship between Apple and the publishing companies described above is just one way in which technology is changing the way in which business is conducted in our society. Every day, more and more enterprises are using the various networks that we use to interact with others to evaluate us. In this sort of situation it is crucial to be a member of at least one professional...

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